Lexi Likes -- Modern tweed

One of the biggest trends last autumn was modern tweed. It included jackets, hats and skirts all of a modern cut and shape. Here is a picture of a jacket I found on sale from Ralph Lauren in T K Maxx last autumn.

I would definitely recommend going to T K Maxx if you are looking for designer brands as they are all so cheap! I love the shoulder pads on this jacket and thought it was so cute. Now the reason I am talking about this in the near Spring, is because the trend is still alive. In spring, light jackets are very popular. One of the jacket trends currently, is the whole army green business  Although some jackets like that are very cute, I think adding a light tweed jacket to your wardrobe would definitely make you stand out a bit more.

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-Lexi x

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  1. Modern tweed is so underestimated! i love that you did this blog :)

    Im following :)