Alexis (Lexi) Lawrence is an eighteen year old blogger and writer from London. She started Lexi Likes in 2013 after expressing an interest in a career in journalism. Her father (a journalist of 30 plus years) told her to build a portfolio of work and suggested she start a blog. She had always been interested in fashion, loved to write, and had a budding passion for photography – the three seemed to go perfectly together, and Lexi Likes was born.

It started with simple fashion musings, and four years on has developed much further.  It is now a digital hub for Lexi’s insights on fashion and culture, spanning a wide variety of topics such as art exhibitions, her favourite outfits, tales from her travels, theatre musings and commentary on issues of her generation. Lexi believes the worlds of fashion and culture are symbiotic in nature, and continue to influence each other, which can be seen in the content she creates. This blog is her vehicle for telling stories through a young and global lens.

Lexi loves to write, both articles and fiction, and is keenly interested in journalism and film. Although she lives in London, Lexi loves to travel, and is fortunate to have done so throughout her life. She hopes to have an international career, but knows it is only a matter of time before she ends up living in New York City. She is currently at school undertaking her A-levels in English, Art, Maths and Physics. In her free time, Lexi enjoys acting, dancing and does boxing training to keep fit.

The Tab listed Lexi in their ’25 Most Successful Fashion Bloggers Under 25’ in June of 2016 and she was listed as one of Teen Vogue’s favourite fashion bloggers in 2014. She has also been featured in publications such as the French print magazine GeoAdo and online magazines such as Ramona Mag. Lexi has written for Rokit Vintage’s blog, Ramona Mag and Cultnoise Mag. Too see a full portfolio of her features and other writing click HERE.
Lexi has been a regular at London Fashion Week since September of 2014, attending and covering shows such as Orla Kiely, J. JS Lee, and Eudon Choi. Other fashion events she has covered include Scoop International and Pure London. She is often invited to visit exhibitions such as the Matisse exhibition at the Tate, Print Matters for the International Fashion Showcase and Style Sharing at the Korean Culture Centre.

Lexi’s career continues to branch into various disciplines. In 2014, Lexi was commissioned to design an outfit for doll company ‘Makies’ which was produced and sold on their site for six months. She looks forward to working on more collaborative and innovative projects.

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  1. God we do sound similar aha! You have a great choice in hobbies and obsessions;) I'd be great to talk more:-) xxx


  2. My names Lexie (spelt with an e though) just found you through your comment on rookie, I like your blog! xx