Stylist.co.uk - July 2019

Read my articles for Stylist HERE

Theatre review for the Strand Magazine - June 2019

Read the article HERE

Interview and article for Ramona Mag - September 2016

Read the interview HERE and the article HERE.

Featured in The Tab's '25 Most Successful Fashion Bloggers Under 25' - June 2016

See the feature HERE


Member of the Teen Vogue fashion click - October 2013 - 2015

I'm was listed as one of Teen Vogue's favourite bloggers in their Fashion click program which ended in 2015.

Articles for CultNoise Magazine:

Stylelikeu - a truly inspirational youtube channel
Emma Watson's UN feminist speech

Interview & Double page in Geo Ado magazine - April 2015

I was interviewed in April's issue of the French magazine GeoAdo and had a double page feature on my London life as a blogger.

Photoset for Plasma Dolphin - March 2015

I contributed to the online zine Plasma Dolphin's issue 'Bewitched' with a photoset. See it HERE.

Featured in Top of The Pops magazine - February/March 2015

Layering article for Rokit Vintage - January 2015 

I wrote a piece for Rokit's site which you can read HERE.

Interviewed for Wear Eponymous - December 2014 

I was interviewed as a part of Wear Eponymous' Blogger Monday series. Read the full feature HERE.

Collaborations with Mooi En Lief, including styling and a magazine feature - 2014 & 2015

I created an outfit collage styling a pair of Mooi En Lief wellies and they featured it in their print lifestyle magazine. Read my blog post about it HERE and read the full magazine online HERE.

I also styled another pair of their shoes, and both collages were featured on their site.

My most recent collaboration with Mooi En Lief involved me styling their Buckle Black boots for my Winter Lookbook video which can be viewed HERE.

Fashion Designer for Makie - May 2014

I designed an outfit for Makies dolls as a part of their Teen Couture collection. You can see the outfit, read about my inspiration and buy it HERE. I also wrote a blog post about the process which you can read HERE.

Contributions to Bundlemag.com - 2014

I wrote for Bundle in a series called Creating a Healthy Lifestyle, read the post HERE.


I reviewed my Kanken bag for Bundle's blog see the post HERE

I've also been Bundle's blogger of the week:

Summer fashion tips article - January 2014

I wrote a summer fashion tips article - pg 19 of Mckenzie see THIS ISSUE.

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