Fly me to the moon

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Jacket - Rokit
Leotard - Dance store
Trousers - Urban renewal at UO
Boots - Clarks
Sunnies - Primark
Belt - Vintage

I greet you at the end of what has been a very busy week. I've had play rehearsals, surprise chemistry tests, art projects, 'booty fit' classes, outings with friends and some very cool blog opportunities. I threw together this quirky combo this morning in a hurry but I'm very pleased with the outcome. The leotard is actually from a dance store, and the last time I wore it was at my 13th birthday disco - no shame there. It's perfect for layering under baggy trousers or skirts because it gives you a beautiful silhouette and stays tucked in. Speaking of layering, I was beyond excited to write a piece for Rokit's blog this week on my layering tips. Give the article a read HERE.

I leave you with the sweet sounds of Frank Sinatra.

-Lexi xo

New Years Resolutions

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

It's at this point in time where we usually give up on our resolutions for the New Year, so hopefully my belated video should inspire you to keep at it! 

Let me know yours in the comments!

-Lexi xo

Transition Playlist

Saturday, 17 January 2015

(via my instagram)

We're in transition from 2014 to 2015, from Winter to Spring (hopefully, although it's pretty bitter today) and from holiday feasting to New Years resolutions. In honour of this period, I've put together a Transition playlist. It's an eclectic mix to reflect the changing of times.

 It's part beautiful acoustic songs that will make you cry, part girl power motivational songs, part Gaurdians of the Galaxy soundtrack (because I love me some '70s pop music) and part random songs I'm feeling at the moment. I'm adding to it daily, so do let me know any suggestions of songs you've been loving at the moment in the comments!

-Lexi xo


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

When you're given a day off, it only makes sense to go on a day trip. 

Smirking because she was trying so hard not to laugh.

Thanks to my lovely friends Lily and Alice for letting me take pictures of them (one of me was taken by Lily). We ate won tons and posed with Pikachu, so I'd say it was a pretty great day. You guys seemed to really love my Welcome to the '60s post, so I'm going to start featuring more editorial photography on the blog!

-Lexi xo

DIY Moodboard

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I've been making moodboards for years. They are fantastic ways to visualize aesthetics or concepts in your head. I also love collecting all my favourite things and inspiration into one, even if the themes all clash. I thought today I'd give you some tips on how to make one.

You will need:
-Pin board (you can also use card if need be)
-Pins & glue
-Magazines you don't mind cutting up
-Photos, tickets, letters, material - basically anything

First pick out things you want to use for your collage. You can cut out pictures and pages you like from magazines, or an even better option is to print some images from tumblr (but I'm far too lazy). I also chose letters, some film pictures, postcards and an insanely adorable bear keyring to hang from one of the pins.

Once you have all your favourite things collected, start playing around with the arrangement of them. I actually like to put white paper on my board before I do this because I prefer it as a background but it's up to you.

For this one, I actually used an old water colour painting of the word 'magic' as a sort of title, to try and convey strange magic rookie vibes, and the whole thing about this being my magic, because it's a collection of my favourite things and memories.

If you're feeling snazzy you can add glitter, because let's be real who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? It's a nice way to enhance images and if you have a few bare spots it blends in nicely.

I like to keep mine on my desk, to help strike inspiration when in a rut. Hope you all enjoyed this DIY. I actually really like these posts, so might be doing them more often. If any of you try this out, tweet me a picture @lexi_likes or tag me on instagram @lexi_law. Much love.

-Lexi xo

Welcome to the '60s

Saturday, 3 January 2015

New year, new aesthetic phase. Welcome to the '60s. For the last week or so, I have been parading the streets of London in shift dresses and suede coats, attempting to embody such a pleasing decade. What better way to show you than taking pictures in an antique store and the closest thing to a diner I have nearby.

All photos by either me or Alice

Tweed shift dress - Mango
Fishnet tights - Old
Boots - Clarks
Coat - Vintage from Rokit
Bag - Kanken

As you may have noticed, I got a new lens for Christmas! I'm still getting the hang of it but it's all soft and dreamy. If any of you are curious, it's the 50mm 1.8 G. My hair is so long now, it's nearly down to my waist! I'm getting it cut on Monday, so hopefully I can do some more '60s-esque Dos then. I've also created a '60s pinterest board filled with vintage inspo, which you can check out HERE if you're curious. Meanwhile, I'm spending my last days of freedom & the holidays watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and drinking lots of chocolate milk. What about you?

-Lexi xo