Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween lovelies! I'm currently in a spooky and beautiful estate in Scotland with my friend Alice and in full Halloween spirit we decided to do a special shoot. 

Photos by Alice Rhodes
Modelling,  makeup and styling by Lexi Lawrence

Dress - Band of gypsies at Asos
Tights - old so not sure
Boots - thrifted
Jewellery - all from different markets

I've been wearing variations of this outfit quite a lot recently and I'm obsessed with the witchy and gypsy vibes of this dress. I'm obsessed with Morticia Addams at the moment and the Addams family in general so that was my main inspiration for my outfit and makeup. My Halloween plans consist of watching Bewitched, the Addams family and Simpsons spooky specials. What are you guys doing for Halloween? 

-Lexi xo

Horst exhibition at the V&A

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The other day I went to the Horst exhibition at the V&A. Horst was a photographer who had an incredibly diverse career and worked in many genres such as fashion & couture, surrealism and photographing film stars. I adored the exhibition, especially the monochrome layout of the rooms which matched the black and white photography so nicely. It began with his work for Condé Nast, and his stunning editorial captures of Haute couture in Paris .


Horst also did work in the Middle East in 1949 which I thought was a really interesting addition to the exhibition. Below is 'View of the ruins at the Palace of Persepolis, 1949.' 

Although the majority of the work on display was in black and white, Horst experienced a revolution in the thirties when colour photography was invented. This transformed the industry. On display in one of the final rooms were huge numbers of colour prints of Vogue covers & shoots.

Another highlight was this video which was projected in the exhibition and played on repeat. Not only is it a great video, but the music fits in with the aesthetic so well.

There were also amazing pieces from the Surrealist movement, where he featured whimsical silhouettes and objects in his photographs.


Overall it was a fantastic exhibition. It's on until January so if you're in London I reccomend you check it out!
-Lexi xo

Sunflowers and suede

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Every day I walk past this flower stall and always see these incredibly bright and beautiful sunflowers (which happen to be my favourite). Last Sunday, I was out with my friend Sky and I thought, you know what let's buy some. The purchase happened to be rather amusing and an anecdote neither me or Sky are likely to forget. They also made an excellent addition to this outfit shoot.

Jacket - Vintage from Rokit
Playsuit - Asos
Boots - Thrifted
Bandanna - Rokit

I picked up this suede jacket during the summer, meaning it was so cheap (£6!). It was originally a gift for my Dad (I wanted to find a match for this jacket John Cusack wears in Serendipity) but I ended up stealing it (sorry Dad). When I bought it, it had this voucher for some Californian ice cream stall in the pocket, so it has obviously had quite a life before this. That's by far my favourite thing about vintage, think about all the different memories that have been made in this jacket, all the places its been and the people who've worn it. I like to think it was previously owned by an old Calfiornian man who played guitar on Venice beach, but the possibilities are endless.

Horoscope symbol ring - Market in Mallorca

This has been one of my favourite layering techniques for Autumn - putting a long sleeved t-shirt under my playsuit to almost turn it into a pair of dungaree shorts and adding tights for warmth. Side note: how aesthetically pleasing is it that everything in that gif is black and white besides the sunflowers?

This is Sky, who very kindly took these photos for me. She has a fab tumblr, which you can follow HERE. We became good friends on a school trip just before the Summer, and I've only just got round to editing and uploading the footage. I'm uploading to my Youtube channel a lot more now, and don't always share the videos on here, so make sure you subscribe HERE to see them first! 

-Lexi xo


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Art GCSE is in full swing for me (as well as all my other subjects) and the module that I'm looking at is architecture. My current project is a David Hockney inspired photo collage, but I also have to start gathering references for my end piece. This means I have gone back through all my old photos looking for possible candidates and have found quite a few, due to my family's love for travelling and my passion for photography. I thought I may as well include them all in a blog post.

Firstly, an obvious choice, New York, which happens to be my favourite city of all time so this is making me really happy. These first few are taken from the Empire State building.

The few above were taken in the Meatpacking district and around the High line, which is my favourite city spot.

Time square, night time, Rockefeller centre, Flat iron building.

The next few were taken in the South of France, where there are so many interesting streets filled with old paved roads and pastel houses.

A random one from Kings College in Cambridge, too beautiful not to include.

Next we have a few from Sydney, my second home and also a fab place for shots of architecture near water and the harbor.

This one was taken in the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, which is an awesome spot. It is so surreal being in a little circle of kept nature and peacefulness when there are huge buildings towering above you.

Finally, I have a few really recent photos from just last weekend, where I took an old friend around Covent Garden, which is filled with old and new bits of architecture, and always something interesting.

Hope you enjoyed those and let me know if you are interested in seeing more Art related posts.


I'm a feminist

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Three words which I have not previously uttered on my blog, even so three words which are very important. I'm a feminist. Before you freak out and accuse me of being a man-hating lesbian, hear me out. I have never dedicated a post to feminism and this isn't because I don't see it as important, it's because I never previously saw it as necessary. For me, the main objective of feminism is to achieve equal rights between men and women. Therefore I never really saw why you wouldn't be a feminist. But I have recently asked many people I know (particularly at my school) and a surprising amount have told me that they would not consider themselves feminists. This was a huge shock to me. I think a huge portion assume the stereotypes are true. In fact one of the first people I asked whether they were a feminist said no, and when I told them I was they immediately accused me of being a lesbian who hated men. At first I couldn't tell if this was an immature 14 year old boy trying to get attention or a genuine assumption. Either way, I didn't like it.

You may have recently seen Emma Watson's incredible speech at the UN about the HeForShe campaign to promote equal rights. If you haven't, watch it. It basically sums up everything I want to express on this topic. I covered the story and wrote an article about it for CultNoise magazine which you can check out HERE. I also go into a but more depth about my school 'survey' so make sure you give it a read.


Whether you're a man or a woman, you can take action. Check out HeForShe HERE.

-Lexi xo

autumn aesthetics

Sunday, 5 October 2014

I am currently going through what I call my 'witch phase' (my dad says I look like Morticia Addams which to me is the coolest complement ever). The second one of my existence I might add. The first came about when I was seven, and me and my best friend at the time threatened to turn our worst playground enemies into frogs. The friends who remember this will never let me hear the end of it. But this 'witch phase' is less spell driven and more steered by style. I had far too much fun prancing around this spooky pavilion in a floor length cardigan and editing little spiderwebs and cats into these photos (apologies in advance). Despite my love for fantasy stories and witchy clothing, I actually really hate Halloween. But I think I'm spending this year's in some spooky estate in Scotland, so I'm gonna be posting some cool stuff.

^a smiley photo to prove that I am totally a normal human being^

Gingham dress - TK Maxx
Floor length cardigan - hand-me-down
Boots - thrifted
Tights - M&S

I bought my necklace in Mallorca from this design your own jewellery store. I got three charms: a cresent moon, a sun and a rose quarts stone. They are detachable so I can wear them all together or separately and they totally add to the witchy vibe. My rings are from H&M or thrifted.

*play as you read*

Autumn is by far my favourite sseason. It has this amazing aesthetic of magic and witch-y-ness (so currently very fitting). It's fireworks and sparklers on gloomy nights. It's swishing orange leaves with well-loved combat boots. It's eating pizza whilst watching Wes Anderson films. It's running in the rain with new band members, desperately trying to keep your amps dry. It's pretending your Ginger Rogers when dancing on fancy marble floors. It's listening to swing music in the rain. It's getting lost in suburban streets, as the sun starts to rise and mist surrounds you. It's running for the bus on a Thursday night, filled up with cream soda and laughter. It's meeting new people, and time for new beginnings. It's suede jackets from vintage shops. It's when you wear all kinds of mystical jewellery, pretending (and secretly believing) it gives you magic powers. It's cold air and bright skies, big jumpers and fancy hats, independent cinemas, used book stores, alone time, time with friends, film cameras and journal entries.

(all photos to follow from my Tumblr)

If I had to permanently live in a season, this would definitely be it. 

-Lexi xo