The Eclectic Collection of Inga Bäckman


I shot this short film as part of my latest art GCSE module, entitled 'Collections', on my recent trip to Sweden. 

You may have read about my grandmother Inga's house before, in this post last year. Her house is filled with weird and wonderful souvenirs from her travels and it's almost like a charming, cluttered museum of her life. The ceilings are low, and every inch of wall houses a plate or piece of art. To me, the fairy tale-esque cottage is the epitome of collections.

Francesca Woodman at Moderna Museet

Francesca Woodman was an American photographer, who was born in 1958 and committed suicide in 1981. The exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm featured a large collection of of her film photography and one of her videos, showing the progression from her early photographs, at age 13, to ones just before her death. 



I've felt out of sync with the whole blogging world these past few weeks. Year 11 is in full swing, and as my life gets increasingly busy, I needed some time away to recharge my creative batteries. A trip to Sweden later, and I'm back from my short hiatus, with new ideas and stories to share. 

Before visiting my grandmother in a more rural part of Sweden, I had a day and I half to explore Stockholm. The city was enveloped in autumn, with vibrant leaves and chilly winds laced through the streets (the real reason for those stylish Scandi scarves).  


Dress - Vintage via Rokit
Cloak - Boohoo
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Kanken

Embracing the simple Scandi colour scheme, I opted for this denim dress and my black cloak, which nowadays rarely leaves my shoulders.

The structure and architecture of the city was dynamic and engaging, each island with its own purpose and personality.


I've been keeping a journal since I was around 11, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I can see how my life and thoughts have evolved over the years, and it's also a really great outlet for my feelings. Watch my new video above or click HERE, to see my tips and thoughts on the concept as a whole.



The final presentation I saw at London Fashion Week was Minki Cheng's Spring and Summer 2016 collection. It was very colourful, with stripes of orange, green, pink and blue recurring throughout. The innovative shapes paired with bright colours created a young and playful vibe. 


Held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Min Wu presentation was filled with playful uses of fabric and colour. 

The models had pastel hair, bright pink eye makeup and earrings reminiscent of '60s kitsch flowers.

The blue denim-esque collection was my favourite, with the strips of white and green recurring throughout.