February favourites - video

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

In which I ramble about clothes and TV shows quite a bit. Leave me a comment with your favourite thing of the month, and subscribe HERE. In other news it's my birthday tomorrow! Pictures and existential rambles about turning 15 soon to come.

-Lexi xo

Not all fashion is on the inside

Saturday, 28 February 2015

You all seemed very keen to see my street style snaps when I mentioned them in my last post, so I'm pleased to present the colourful characters of London Fashion Week. 

Obsessed with this girl's hair and coat.

These blue flares are something I feel I need to own.

Ellie's suede panel skirt and fur coat are beautiful.

I greet you at the end of what's been a very busy week. Last night was the final night of my school play, and whilst I'm happy to have my evenings back, I'm going to miss it a lot. I've also been watching Heroes and Orphan Black non-stop. 

Let me know which is your favourite outfit in a comment!

-Lexi xo

What I wore to London Fashion Week

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Due to school play rehearsals, I've only been able to attend one day of Fashion Week this season, but nonetheless it was fabulous. This was my attire, and here's how the day went down.

Coat - H&M
Dress - Vintage (thrifted)
Head scarf - no clue
Thigh high boots - Next
Backpack - Kanken

I decided to channel some strong mod '60s vibes for my look with these space-cadet-borderline-stripper boots and my vintage dress. After watching the J. JS Lee show, I explored the exhibition halls and hung out with the lovely Ellie and my friend Sky (who was my accomplice in all this). I met lots of new people and saw some very stylish characters (street style post soon to come).

There were adorable dogs wandering around and also a really creepy astronaut, who made no comment after my complement on his/her attire and awkward encouraging thumbs up. Overall, going to Somerset house is great just to soak up the atmosphere.  It's also inevitable you'll be given free popcorn and see some impeccable street style.

-Lexi xo

J. JS Lee show at London Fashion Week AW15

Friday, 20 February 2015

To kick of London Fashion Week, I headed down to Somerset House bright and early this morning to see the J. JS Lee show. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as colourful crowds waited to see the first show of the season. I befriended some fellow bloggers and then the show began.

Jackie Lee herself
The J. JS Lee show was beautiful. All the garments had such clean tailoring and I'm obsessed with the drawstring element used in various ways throughout the collection. The clothes were mainly white and grey, with the occasional pop of colourful fur and a few patterned pieces. The androgynous shapes and silhouettes were elegant and timeless. I was also really impressed by the diverse yet collectively cohesive range of pieces. The BFC have started streaming all of their shows online, so I thought I would embed the J. JS Lee one below to go with this post so that you could watch it too!

I've got an outfit post and more photos soon to come! 

-Lexi xo

Style Sharing exhibition at the Korean Culture Centre

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Last night I went to the opening of the Style Sharing exhibition at the Korean Culture Centre. The exhibition explores the relationship between Korean and British styles and showcases a number of upcoming designers. It highlights the influence studying in Britain has had on these Korean designers, and how the two cultures overlap through fashion. Whenever I think fashion has run out of steam or I'm in a creative rut, I always look to Asian designs to prove me wrong and inspire me. This was one of those  times.

I was immediately drawn to these draped silhouettes by Hyunsoo Heather Park. This collection was inspired by the way people express themselves in states of suppression. She incorporated elements drawn from the indie rock band Art Brut, criminal tattoos and prison uniforms. I like the fact she used a 'happy' colour palette despite the darker themes of the collection.

A particular favourite piece of mine was the above white leather jacket by Heowan Simulation. I think the contrast between the white leather and lace is really interesting, and I've never seen something like that before.

Jinhee Moon's creative use of colour and texture was fantastic. Each piece was very much its own, but they were still all cohesive as a whole collection.

Designer Rok Hwang used this timeless camel colour and fabric to create these classic yet contemporary pieces for his label rokh.

I loved the short films by Eoin Glaister which accompanied certain collections. They really reflected the digital world and how it can tie into fashion and these two cultures.

Nayoung Moon's unorthodox yet impressive structures and shapes. 

After looking around I had a chat with Tory Turk, a curator of the exhibition, about her inspiration. She said that she wanted the exhibition to show the overlap of the life and culture of both Korean and British styles, and not just the fashion. If you look carefully at each creation you can see elements of both cultures and the impact living in London has had on the designers.

Overall the innovative designs showed the rich and diverse creativity which stemmed from South Korea, and developed further in London. The exhibition is open until April 4th and you can find more details HERE.

-Lexi xo

Do kids read books anymore?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Yes, that is a question I've asked myself many times this week. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes. It can transport you into new worlds and introduce you to colourful characters who might just change the way you think. Reading books is one of life's finest pleasures, and I don't understand why it seems to be dying.

I am surrounded by fellow teenagers five days a week. I hear their conversations, and I observe my generation in their natural habitat on a daily basis. This past week, I was shocked to hear that a large number of my peers don't read novels on a regular basis. So I investigated further, and asked some more of my friends. A large number said that they hadn't read a book that wasn't a school assignment since they were in primary school. Some even said they'd never read a book cover to cover unless it was for school. After hearing this, I expressed my concern to my friends in a calm and mature manner, with the exception of Finlay and Alfie, which went as depicted below (sorry). 


I go to a school which is known for achieving good results, so that's why I was so surprised to hear that a lot of these bright kids don't read books. I'm not gender stereotyping here, but purely based on the results I received in my informal survey, it was more the boys than the girls who claimed they didn't like books. We live in a digital age. Video games, tv shows and movies are available to us at the click of a button thanks to the internet, so sitting down and taking the time to read a novel is becoming an outdated concept to us. I'm guilty of it too. I live and work on the blogosphere, so I know what it's like to get immersed in the digital world. In fact it was one of my New Years Resolutions to make more time for reading, because I felt I didn't do it enough. But with so many amazing books out there, it's such a shame that teenagers don't seem to enjoy reading. Even taking out ten minutes of your daily video games/TV time/sleep/etc to read a few pages will benefit you, and bring you great joy.

Whether you've never really got into reading or you're in a bit of a rut, below are some of my favourite books from over the past few years that you might want to look at. These vary from childhood favourites to crappy (yet brilliant) teen fiction and an increasing amount of more thought--provoking novels. I have a never-ending list of books I want to read too, so hopefully I can expand my list of favourites soon. I'm trying to think of a way to encourage my peers to read, but currently I'm struggling. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A Gathering Light - Jennifer Donnelly
The Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime - Mark Haddon
Divergent trilogy - Veronica Roth
The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
Severed heads, Broken hearts - Robyn Schneider
The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides
Once - Morris Gleitzman
The Silver Brumby - Elyne Mitchell
Why We Broke Up - Daniel Handler

The printed word is one of life's greatest gifts and we can't let it die out. Just read. Please. You'll thank yourself later.

-Lexi xo