Sweden Haul - video

Thursday, 18 December 2014

You guys seemed to really like my haul from my last trip to Sweden, so I thought I would do another this time too. Watch below or click HERE.

-Lexi xo

Woodland velvet

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Kimono - Zara
Leather panel leggings - Calzedonia 
Boots - Thrifted
Shirt - not sure
Rings - H&M

I have returned from Sweden! This outfit doesn't have a lot of colour but I love the different textures. I picked up these leather panel leggings from a shop called Calzedonia a few weeks ago and I love them so much. As you may or may not no, I'm not a big jeans fan, so these are a really cool alternative. I paired them with this stunning velvet kimono that my mum actually found in Zara. It's so intricate and the detail is beautiful. I especially love the way all the colours in the kimono match the trees in these pictures! I'm currently obsessed with Twin Peaks and the landscape in Sweden was scarily similar, so it was basically like I was living in it, which was amazing.

I'm really excited for the next ten days or so because I'm going to be posting almost every other day leading up to Christmas! 

-Lexi xo

Dancing Queens and Silver Linings

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

In just a few days I will be jetting off to festive filled Sweden, so I thought today I would share some Swedish inspo, starting with a classic, Abba. Behind you're cliche insults about their ridiculous outfits, let's be honest, you're jealous of those satin blue suits and thigh high white space boots. The fashion icons were HUGE and I guarantee you know the words to most of their songs (I grew up listening to Dancing Queen on Sunday Mornings).

Another, more recent, Swedish music favourite are the indie folk duo First Aid Kit. Their harmonies are so beautiful and kind of make me want to cry. I've booked tickets to see them play in January with a friend and I'm SO excited. They also wear the most excellent hippy attire.

All photos from tumblr or pinterest

Apologies for the slightly sparse content over the last week, but I am finishing up school and also have caught a bad case of the flu, so my time has been spent watching Twin Peaks and marathon watching the Shaytards Christmas specials. I fly to Sweden on Friday and will have very limited wifi until I return early the following week. But once I'm back, there's going to be back-to-back festive Swedish posts in the run up to Christmas. Stay tuned kids, it's gonna be good.

-Lexi xo

Aesthetic phases

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I was reading this month's Editor's letter for one of my favourite sites Rookie, by one of my favourite people, Tavi Gevinson, which happened to inspired this post. Particularly this section:

'When I stopped writing my blog halfway through high school, I began keeping journals just for myself, each one cycling through a different personality as I had with fashion and with acting. For the duration of each journal, my handwriting would change, I’d dye my hair, I’d hang new posters on my wall, I stuck to a narrow selection of my wardrobe and my music, I chose a new route for the walk to school. I am similarly strict about the monthly Rookie themes, dictating to our illustrators and photographers which colors, motifs, and types of lighting to use in their work for us. My friends get annoyed with me for how often I try to art direct our hangouts instead of seeing where the night takes us—Can we all wear these colors, walk down this street, listen to this song?'

This resonated with me a lot, as I do very similar things with my own blog and life.
I like fashion and blogging because it's an extensive form of dress up. The appeal of fashion to me has always been the expression of identity, and the way you can change your entire essence with what you wear. With my blog, I can categorize not only these choices, but also the inspiration behind them. Fashion is simply a segment of the entire world of concepts I love to create. These are made up of films, tv shows, songs, locations, light, photos, artists etc. Each aesthetic I mentally create is made up of an extensive list of inspiration and elements. For example, over the summer, I became obsessed with the TV show The Carrie Diaries. This lead to listening to '80s punk bands, begging my friends to hang out at our local burger restaurant because of it's diner-like decor, wearing lots of bright prints and poofy skirts and wondering why mobile phones take all the fun out of calling your friends (it's because pay phones are obviously way cooler, despite practicality issues). 

The Carrie Diaries aka my '80s dream (source)
Sometimes, I'll direct these worlds. I will fall in love with a TV show, and start dressing like the characters and then listen to the soundtrack and ask my friends if we can go to this place and that restaurant because they all have a similar vibe. But other times, they will fall in to place. I will end up doing something new, with certain people and the light will start to seem really fitting and beautiful, and some sort of sound will fall into the background, and it will just work. These spontaneous scenes are so magical and I then feel the need document them in my journals and on this blog (which I love, because I can highlight the best bits and record the aesthetic of that time in my life).

Taken in Martha's Vineyard over the Summer, which is a very aesthetically pleasing place.

You might call all these concept intervals 'phases' and that's probably why it resonates so much with me and other teenagers, right? Aren't teenagers known for 'phases', and to cringe back on them later? I feel like a lot of adults will call them 'phases', and they might be right as a phase is defined as 'a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something's development', which I suppose sums it up well. Somehow I find the word quite patronizing, so I
feel like aesthetic needs to be in there. So let's call them 'Aesthetic phases'.

Aesthetic phases are great. Your constantly developing and changing little aspects of your life which creates these wonderful worlds. They just make existing as a teenager that little bit more interesting.

-Lexi xo

How to style Bandanas - video

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I'm back with a video for you all! I'm obsessed with bandanas at the moment, so here's five ways I style them. Watch below or click HERE.

Which one is your favourite?

-Lexi xo

Canary Wharf

Sunday, 23 November 2014

These photos are from when I spent the morning exploring and taking pictures in Canary Wharf, which visually is the closest thing to Manhattan in London. I took pictures for my current art GCSE project - a David Hockney Joiner inspired photo collage. I'm a city girl, and happiest in the bustle of loud streets. There is just a great drive and atmosphere of New York that's incomparable to anywhere else. But since I can't just fly there whenever, I went to the closest thing London had to offer.

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Dress - Topshop
Spotty top (underneath dress) - New Look
Boots - Clarks
Glasses - Primark

London is such a diverse city and I'm so lucky to live here. Each area has a totally different vibe and you are always a tube ride away from something new. Canary Wharf is a business district in East London filled with reflective buildings, men and women in suits and surrounded by water. It definitely has character.

-Lexi xo