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The Boat Race

Every year, the universities Oxford and Cambridge race on the river Thames. It's a classic British celebration, usually a glorified excuse to drink pimm's and wear shorts. Nonetheless, for me it always marks the start of Summer. I'm lucky enough to have a close friend, Alice, who lets me join her on her balcony every year. We watch the hoards of people lining the river banks as far as the eye can see and eagerly await the moment the boats come past. It makes London a delightful place to be.

it's good to be back

If you're an active follower of my blog or any of my social media, you may have noticed I've been a bit quiet lately. 

Normally when a blog post starts with that statement, it's followed by an explanation of some misfortune. However in my case, it's quite the opposite. Yes, I've been extremely busy, but I've also been having a great time. I have a lot going on. I'm now in sixth-form doing my A-levels, looking at universities, balancing many extra-curriculars, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and social life. It's stressful at times, but I also am very content and happy with where I am. 

This internet hiatus has been completely unintentional, a simple consequence of a frantic period. But it has been nice to take some time to regroup. Growing up online means that as you evolve as a person, the content you create does too. I think it's important to take a few weeks here and there to, as cliche as it may sound, 'find yourself' again, and return feeling inspired. It's good to challenge what and how much you share. Although this happened to me by accident, I now feel motivated and I'm really looking forward to making great things again.

I'm on my Easter holiday now, so much of it will be spent revising for upcoming exams, but I'm also going to New York (!!!) and will have time to create once more. If you want to hear more about what's going on with me, check out my youtube channel - something I'm also excited about getting back into. I'll be posting an update video very soon.

It's good to be back.



The PPQ show at London Fashion Week had the tagline: 'It's very black and white'. Despite the limited colour palette, the collection was diverse and explored a variety of textures and silhouettes. Fur? Yes. Stripes? Of course. Velvet? Why not. All topped off with a beehive-esque up do, reminiscent of Cruella Deville. It was a collection with presence and audacity.

LADY IN RED | what i wore to london fashion week

Dressing for fashion week is always a highlight of the season, but definitely something that's easy to overthink. When you know you're going to be surrounded by people whose very speciality is clothing, the pressure is on - you want to look good. But it's also an opportunity to stand out and show off your individuality and personal style. 

In recent months, with starting sixth-form and having the privilege of no uniform, I've been able to play around a lot more with my style. There's a 'business' dress code at my school, but as someone who never wears jeans this isn't a struggle, in fact, it's a pleasure. Honestly, I have a lot of fun dressing up for school, and being able to play with different looks. My style has had room to become more sophisticated, so that's what I channelled for this season's fashion week. It is, after all, largely a business event. 


Coat - NW3 at Hobbs
Trousers - M&S
Top/leotard - Topshop
Necklace - Costume jewellery shop in Stockholm
Boots - Clarks
Bag - Zara

I get major '80s working woman vibes from this more editorial shoot - a happy accident involving some caution tape, my very creative dad and poor light. I also feel a little like Lauren Bacall, which is all I really want in life.


steventai AW17

To kick of London Fashion Week, I saw the steventai presentation at Durham house street. The models sat inside a dark alcove against a pillow-esque white backdrop, the lighting causing layers of shadows across the room, adding to the languid atmosphere. Tones of beige, cream and white paired with silk and wool created a desirable array of comfort-focused clothes. In geek-chic steventai fashion, the models wore silver framed glasses with long natural hair. There was a young playfulness to the collection, like the sock boots with the slogan 'sleep now work later' across them.