Saturday, 2 May 2015

I'm always getting questions from you all about my hair, whether I dye it and what I use etc. So today I thought I'd share a video all about it, including a tutorial of these loose beachy waves I'm often sporting. Watch above or click HERE.

Messy, textured hair is my absolute favourite. I've managed to master these simple waves which is very exciting. On another note this cloak has rarely left my shoulders for the last two months, so it's about time I showed it to you all. I'm also making the most of my thigh high boots before the cooler days fade into sunny showers. 

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-Lexi xo

New York inspired playlist

Friday, 1 May 2015

New York city is my favourite place in the world. There's a certain drive in New York. Everyone has an ambition, and choose this jungle of brick and glass as their ground on which to build their dream. It sounds incredibly cliché I know, but the fact that it is so cliché proves that it's true. The magical kingdom of concrete is made for a certain type of person and I believe I am one of them. One day I will live there, preferably in Soho but I'm not fussy (I mean its New York, dump me on the street and I'll be happy). 

From my previous trips I have distinct memories and associations that take me back to the city. Among these are watching Hannah Montanna for the first time (as a Disney-deprived nine year old this was beyond exciting), discovering the genius invention that is iced coffee, Frank Sinatra's beautiful voice, clean white hotel beds, Carrie Bradshaw, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the classic Manhattan cityscapes. Unfortunately, until the city gets cheaper I am unable to run away from my responsibilities at home (that's how it works right?). So I decided to create a New York inspired playlist. The eclectic mix was created for the future, when I'm all grown up and packing my bags, dreaming of the city that never sleeps.

Any further song suggestions would be much appreciated.

-Lexi xo

A World of Contrasts

Saturday, 25 April 2015

While my friends and family in Sydney have endured torrential rain and hail storms for the past week, London has experienced some blissful sunshine. It seems the tables have turned.  A local suburban street has exploded in pink with the annual bloom of the Cherry Blossom trees. They only last for about two weeks, but it's the most beautiful time of year. London isn't famous for its cherry blossoms, as far as I know, they're usually associated with Japan, but the blaze of colour sets this street alight.


Above is West London, below is Japan, via Victor Leung, who does some beautiful photography.

Meanwhile in Sydney, torrential rain for the past week and extreme hailstorms in recent hours have lead to floods on the normally sun-coated Harbour bridge. 

( via / via )

We live in a world of contrasts.

-Lexi xo


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Today's video is for when you're in a creative rut or just generally feeling uninspired. Watch the embedded clip below or click HERE.

-Lexi xo


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lexi Wears:

Knit Midi-Dress - Asos
Scrunchie  - Floor of a First Aid Kit concert
Boots -Thrifted

This is my last outfit post in the snow! I ordered this dazzling knitted dress specially for the mountains. It's basically a really comfortable woollen sack, but the length makes it so elegant.  It seems very odd posting such a winter outfit because England seems to be experiencing a bit of a heat wave right now. I'm starting to get into Summer mode and I've been listening to this dreamy electronic duo known as Oh Wonder. They have a really cool Summery vibe, with powerful beats and hazy chords. My favourite songs are Dazzle and Midnight Moon.

I'm enjoying my last days off school by reading in the sun and watching old Fringe episodes. What have you all been up to?

-Lexi xo

A Week in Cervinia

Sunday, 12 April 2015

I have returned from my wonderful week skiing in Italy. We stayed in the beautiful Saint Hubertus resort, where I woke everyday to a glorious view of the Matterhorn from our balcony.

This is Betsy. She's the mastermind behind the Saint Hubertus resort. Everyday she organised everything for us, from booking a restaurant to getting our ski passes, nothing was too much trouble. She was always elegantly dressed with the most fabulous vintage black dresses and jackets. The staff were all helpful and so warm and friendly. The resort had two cars which took you right to the slopes or the town and if you wanted to be collected, all you had to do was call. The customer service was amazing. They also had a wonderful spa, where I treated myself to a facial and a manicure. The Saint Hubertus has a chill vibe and friendly people, and would be my top recommendation if you're skiing in Europe.

Our room was spacious with a lovely view.

The town of Cervinia was filled with a flowing creek in the centre, lovely restaurants and cobbled streets. We went out almost every night and ate some wonderful food.

As for the skiing, the snow was great, excluding some slush at the end of the day. It was beautifully clear almost everyday, which definitely helps when you're a beginner like me. 

And here's my vlog of the trip. If you want to stay updated on my videos, subscribe HERE.

I'm definitely going to miss those views.

-Lexi xo