Sunday, 20 April 2014

Totoro tights - Outfit

Happy Easter everyone! I have a super kawaii outfit for you today featuring these INCREDIBLE Totoro tights from my wonderful friend Izzy. She gave them to me as a late birthday present along with a Totoro phone case and I nearly cried. As you may remember, I have the bear versions of these tights which I styled ages ago HERE. If you aren't familiar with the anime film My Neighbor Totoro, first where was your childhood and second there are some gifs and pictures from tumblr below to help (yes I put a leaf on my head deal with it). At first I was so annoyed at the rain because I couldn't take any decent pictures but then I remembered the iconic scene in the movie with the leaf and black umbrella so it worked out quite well. I even did kawaii inspired makeup and hair and I'm thinking about doing a tutorial on my youtube soon.

Off the shoulder tee - Monsoon
Belt - vintage
Skirt - M&S
Tights - gift but from Japan
Boots - H&M
Velvet hair ribbon - craft store

Thank you so much for 100 bloglovin followers it makes me so happy that you enjoy hearing what I have to say and reading my content! I love you all and I hope you're having a wonderful Easter. Much love

-Lexi xo

Monday, 14 April 2014

Divergent tag - video

Latest video is up on my Youtube! I filmed the Divergent tag since I loved the book so much. I actually read about 40 pages, then left it for a week. However I picked it up yesterday and finished it in that one day and barely put it down. At first I thought it was quite an average dystopia and similar to a lot of things I've read before but I eventually fell for it and became really attached to the characters. I recommend it to any of you looking for a (fairly light) teen book. It has a great story to it but a little romance enter twined (hence the teen popularity). I plan on reading the other two books in the series next and maybe doing a fashion video/post about inspired looks? Here is the video, as usual if you are reading through an app or an email you will have to click HERE to see and I'd love you to subscribe whilst you're at it!

Side note: how cool are these knee socks I picked up from Calzedonia? They remind me of what a Dauntless might wear in the book!

Have you read Divergent?

-Lexi xo

Friday, 11 April 2014

Modcloth Wanelo style challenge

Modcloth recently contacted me asking me to participate in a styling challenge as a part of their Uniquely You campaign using the site Wanelo. I was asked to style the Summer Night Stroll Dress in Red (which you can see below). The dress is very romantic and summery and I immediately drew towards pairing it with lace. The sheer lace jacket is so unique and adds a wonderful texture to the simple dress. I added some small yellow heels as it is a maxi dress and they go hand in hand. The small brown belt is to pull in the dress at the waist and give it a bit more of a silhouette. The gold detailing on the belt also matches the awesome gold chevron ring. I added a flower crown and this adorable parasol to tie it all together and go along with the girly romantic vibes.

I've been totally hooked on Wanelo ever since I joined because of the challenge, so if you have an account or sign up, follow me HERE. You can also check out modcloth HERE.

-Lexi xo

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mixing Monochromes

Now it's Spring I've started to get back into wearing my bandanas. I wore them A LOT last Summer around buns and like this too. I think they add a nice quirky touch to any outfit. Today I paired this one from Rokit with a stripey top from some shop in Sweden. I really like the clash of different monochrome patterns. Also, as you can see I got my braces off! I'm so happy and I actually smile properly in pictures now. Today I went to the Science museum with my friend Aliya and it was so cool. It was my favourite when I was younger because they have all these interactive games and toys to demonstrate different theories. Aliya vlogged it again so I will show you all or tweet about it when it's released. Here are a few pictures I took in the museum.

-Lexi xo

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Good results PR press day

Happy Easter holidays for all of you still at school and more importantly, happy Press day season! I had a half day at school yesterday and after going out to lunch with some friends, I went to the Soho hotel for the Good Results PR press event. It was held in an apartment on the first floor, and they definitely used the space to their advantage. The clothes were displayed in wardrobes and across beds, the beauty was on show in the bathroom and there were rails of gorgeous clothes throughout. Here are some of my favourite brands and pieces from each of their collections.

Little Mistress:

Little Mistress had beautiful prom dresses and evening wear, as well as watches and shoes. A particular favourite of mine was the above embellished bomber jacket. It's such a glam take on a modern sillouette and I love it. They also do a range for children which is so adorable.

Sugarhill Boutique:

Sugarhill boutique was very young and fresh with a really wide range of colours and styles. The diversity of it was fantastic. My favourites were the above cat collar shirt and interesting take on the infamous galaxy print (first photo) as a twin set.

Poppy Lux:

Poppy Lux was probably my favourite brand there and they had so many bright, fun prints for SS 14. They also had some twin sets but other pieces in matching prints too.

Beck Sonder Gaard:

Beck Sonder Gaard is usually known for her scarves but now does other things too such as these metallic bags, which were just too gorgeous and would add such an interesting texture to any outfit.

Ruby + Ed

I feel like I've written about this brand before but I can't quite remember. Ruby + Ed have the most beautiful fur coats, slippers and scarves, AND they are all faux so no need to worry! They also had these really cool cut outs for selfies or photos and as you can see, I had to give one a try. 

Bellapierre cosmetics:

I very rarely talk about beauty on here but Bellapierre needs to be discussed. They kindly did my makeup with some of the products and I was very impressed. All the makeup contains 100% minerals and I usually only wear powder, so the mineral foundation worked well for me and stayed on for a long time. The eyeshadows are so shimmery and beautiful and they kindly let me take 'champagne' home. 'Sunset' was also in the goody bag and I'm really excited to try them both out.

Thank you to Good Results PR for inviting me!

-Lexi xo

P.S. The Company style blogger awards are currently going on and I'd really appreciate it if you could nominate this blog for 'Best teen style blog' HERE. Thank you!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Asian apron dress - Outfit

Hello lovelies! On Friday night I was at the Asia house Spring Fair and picked up this amazing apron which I decided to take on as a dress. I love Asian fashion and design so I was very pleased with this find. I think it looks so unique and it's such an interesting piece to layer over a skirt and a t-shirt. Yes, it is an apron but I think it sort of passes for a pinafore. I love the prancing bunnies and the back is so pretty. 

Apron - stall at Asia house fair (see picture below)
Skirt (underneath) - M&S
T-shirt - Gap
Sheer tights - M&S
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Kanken
Leather cuff - Nu

This is the super coordinated stall I bought the apron from. They had a variety of adorable trinkets and authentic items. I also purchased some pouches with little kawaii characters on them.

Another brand that caught my eye is Posh Graffiti. They had beautiful hand carved wooden lettering and woven baskets which are made by local communities living in the rainforest in Borneo. It's a great scheme and their products are lovely.

The other brand was Lotusfeet who had really cute and original, fairly high end jewellery for such good prices. I bought three of the bracelets from the above bowl for £15.

Lots of exciting things are happening for this blog so stay tuned!

-Lexi xo