House of Fraser Press Day - AW15

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Last Thursday, I headed down to Baker Street after school to see House of Fraser's new collections for Autumn/Winter. The people were very friendly and they had some gorgeous pieces.

They had wonderful bags in lots of pastel and neutral tones.

I saw a lot of '70s inspired pieces, including this fabulous suede co-ord and striped wide leg trousers.

This DKNY bag has to be my favourite piece. Donna Karan never fails to create classic items with a modern, edgy twist.

 When it comes to my winter wardrobe, the perfect coat tends to be the hardest to find. I always struggle to find something new and original but the vast range of colours and textures at the press day meant I picked out at least three I would buy.

Menswear isn't something I talk about a lot, but I did have a peek at their new range. It was really diverse, and I couldn't resist this green bomber. The structured leather coat is lovely too.

The clothes were showcased in some flats above their offices which had a splendid view of London.

Thanks to House of Fraser for inviting me!

-Lexi xo

DIY Bleached slogan jacket

Monday, 18 May 2015

Inspired by old school biker jackets, today's DIY is a bleached slogan shirt. It's perfect for throwing over a pair of shorts and tee, and the bold phrase just adds something interesting to your outfit (a great conversation starter).  


-An old shirt or fabric jacket
-An old paintbrush

Firstly, lay out your shirt onto a towel, making sure the front panels are spread out (you don't want the bleach to go through to the front). Then with a pencil, roughly outline where you want your phrase or word to go.

Then paint on your word with your old paintbrush and bleach. Emphasis on the old, as the bleach is likely to cause the bristles to disintegrate once you're finished.

To create the wispy strings coming off the letters, simply drag your dipped brush in the air out from the letters and let the strings settle.

Lastly, leave your bleach to develop for an hour or so and then wash it out. The amount of time will vary depending on the colour and material of your shirt,but it's best to check every half hour or so until you reach the desired effect.

Voila! You have your slogan jacket. I opted for 'Odyssey' because it's not too cheesy, but still pretentious enough to wear on a piece of clothing. I also like its associations with a journey or long wandering and Greek poetry. 

I'd love to see if you recreate this, so give me a shout on twitter or instagram if you do!

-Lexi xo

A Day At The Fair

Monday, 11 May 2015

Lexi Wears:
Top - H&M
Skirt - The White Company
Sunglasses - Coach
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Kanken

I spent the bank holiday Monday in a lovely village called Reach just outside of Cambridge. My friend Alice and I explored the local Fair, which was adorable. I decided to sport my new skirt and sunglasses, both found at Bicester village a few weeks ago. I love the off-white colour of the skirt and how the dynamic under layer contrasts with the flowy-ness. I thought the sunnies were so unique due to their blue tint and I'm completely in love with them. And of course I was wearing my signature yellow backpack. It's become one of those pieces that almost feels like an extension of myself because I wear it everyday.

The fair was typically English, complete with the the Mayor of the town throwing new pennies to the children and maypole dancing to mark the beginning of the Summer. It also had a glorious Ferris Wheel, which happens to be one of my favourite things. Although saying that, the ride started to fall to pieces shortly after we got off, which was quite alarming.

Here's a vlog/short film I made of our day. Watch above or click HERE.

-Lexi xo

Should we be allowed to vote at 16?

Friday, 8 May 2015

The results of the UK election today were surprising. None of the opinion polls predicted the outcome. I was also surprised by how engaged young people were in this election and how passionate they were about it. This is the first election I've been properly engaged in myself, so observing the results and people's reactions has been fascinating. 

 ( via )

For the past few days I've watched my peers get into heated debates over who they believe are the best party and who they would vote for if given the opportunity. Even those I wouldn't expect to take an interest in politics had a view. I think the spark to this wide interest was the use of social media. As soon as the Conservative majority was declared, my twitter feed was flooded with fellow internet kids expressing their views. Social media has engaged young people in the election. Whether it was looking at the election Snapchat story or reading about the Green party on Tumblr, social media has allowed young people to be exposed to a vast range of opinions, allowing them to form independent views. I've heard it said many times that young people aren't interested in politics, but in my view they have been keenly interested in this election. It is perhaps because this election was so close and opinion polls said there could have been any number of outcomes. That made it interesting for everyone.

In this digital age, young people have access to thousands of resources and opinions which can educate and inform them on politics. Their views can be expressed and shared, reaching people all over the country. What I've seen over the last few days has made me ask the question of whether the voting age for the General Election should be lowered to 16. At 16, you gain access to new responsibilities. You can legally join the armed forces, get married, get a job, have sex, be charged with a crime - you are a fully fledged member of 'adult' society. You could argue it's the people of my generation who will inherit the decisions made in this Parliament, so should we not have a say in who is elected?  

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One argument against would be that 16 year olds wouldn't know enough about the parties and their policies to make an informed decision.  You could also argue that the major issues don't affect us teenagers. I don't have to deal with income tax increases or the non-dom status.

These arguments have merit, but based on what I've seen over the last few days, a large number of people are interested in, engaged in and informed about politics, partly due to social media and their access to various opinions. The Scottish Referendum was a prime example of 16-17 year olds being given the chance to vote on an issue that would affect their future. More than 100,000 16-17 year olds voted on the issue, embracing this new opportunity. I hope this sets a precedent. I'd vote yes on this issue.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. What were your opinions about the election and do you think we should lower the voting age?

-Lexi xo


Saturday, 2 May 2015

I'm always getting questions from you all about my hair, whether I dye it and what I use etc. So today I thought I'd share a video all about it, including a tutorial of these loose beachy waves I'm often sporting. Watch above or click HERE.

Messy, textured hair is my absolute favourite. I've managed to master these simple waves which is very exciting. On another note this cloak has rarely left my shoulders for the last two months, so it's about time I showed it to you all. I'm also making the most of my thigh high boots before the cooler days fade into sunny showers. 

If you're not already, make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel HERE to keep up to date with my videos!

-Lexi xo

New York inspired playlist

Friday, 1 May 2015

New York city is my favourite place in the world. There's a certain drive in New York. Everyone has an ambition, and choose this jungle of brick and glass as their ground on which to build their dream. It sounds incredibly cliché I know, but the fact that it is so cliché proves that it's true. The magical kingdom of concrete is made for a certain type of person and I believe I am one of them. One day I will live there, preferably in Soho but I'm not fussy (I mean its New York, dump me on the street and I'll be happy). 

From my previous trips I have distinct memories and associations that take me back to the city. Among these are watching Hannah Montanna for the first time (as a Disney-deprived nine year old this was beyond exciting), discovering the genius invention that is iced coffee, Frank Sinatra's beautiful voice, clean white hotel beds, Carrie Bradshaw, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the classic Manhattan cityscapes. Unfortunately, until the city gets cheaper I am unable to run away from my responsibilities at home (that's how it works right?). So I decided to create a New York inspired playlist. The eclectic mix was created for the future, when I'm all grown up and packing my bags, dreaming of the city that never sleeps.

Any further song suggestions would be much appreciated.

-Lexi xo