A Week In Corfu - Video

The slow mornings, late nights and glorious swims of our trip to Corfu were blissful. Here's a compilation of footage from our trip.

This blogs been running a bit slowly as of late due to my lack of wifi and my new, and very dangerous, Netflix subscription. My only source of internet for the past week has been a quaint internet cafe in the South of France (yes, those are still a thing). Now that I'm home, I have summer stories to tell and photos to share. More is on its way.


Just Your Typical Freak

There's something satisfying about wearing a matching set in the brightest colour possible. 

Postcards from Corfu

My dear friend Sky whisked me away to the island of Corfu last week, where we lounged in the sun, went swimming at 3am, threw stones on the beach, watched old episodes of M.I.High, went on a wild goose-chase through a forest to find a non-existent lagoon and ate more than our fair share of ice creams.

Creating an Inspiring Workspace

I never work at my desk. Whether I'm journalling, doing homework or painting, I somehow always end up on my bed or on the floor. My desk was used solely for papers I didn't want to deal with or things that didn't have a place. But since GCSE year is fast approaching, I thought it was about time I got into good habits. So I decided to develop a space where I felt inspired and happy to create and work.

Never Let A Dress Limit You

I'm not typically girly in the sense of heels and bright floral prints, but I do love to wear dresses. I tend to wear darker colours and pair them with chunky boots, but on this occasion, I allowed myself a night to be ladylike (apparently combat boots aren't socially acceptable at weddings).


Here's a compilation of my purchases from the last few weeks. Watch above or click HERE.