London Fashion Week - Day 2

Monday, 15 September 2014

The morning of Sunday fashion week was spent cramming in some homework before I hopped on the tube to go to the Toga presentation. It was held in the most beautiful room at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel. The lights and glass wall created this hazy glow across the room, making the clothes seem so much more magical. There was a reflective theme throughout the clothes and the mirror fragments created such a cool effect.

The above was one of my favourites. I think love the cinched in skirt and the yellow breaks up the texture nicely.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS JACKET (caps 100% necessary). I am so in love with it. The mesh is so cool and it works incredibly well with the dramatic shape.

After running into some fellow bloggers, Paige and Adora, I sat in the hotel lobby for a bit to appreciate my fancy surroundings. I also ate the worlds most expensive cupcake (it was six freaking pounds). Here's what I wore.

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Off the shoulder shirt - Stolen from Mum
Skirt - found at TK maxx
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Kanken

I went for sort of witchy/Stevie Nicks vibes for this outfit. I found this sheer black skirt the other day in TK maxx and it was amazing to twirl around in. Thanks to Jack for the photos.

So fashion week was a success. Thanks to all the lovely people who invited me to events.

-Lexi xo

London Fashion Week - Day 1

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fashion week has begun! It's technically not the first day, but because of school, it is for me! I didn't really tell you all but I actually applied to some shows this season - surprise! - so I will hopefully have some things to share over the next few days. I had to turn down an invite to a show on Friday (major disadvantage of being a teen blogger: school has to come before fashion week). If I was in charge, school would be optional during this period of time (and that's probably why I'm not in charge). SO. Today I got up bright and early and headed to Soho to see the Orla Kiely presentation. It was amazing. I think one of the great things about choosing to do a presentation instead of a catwalk is the fact you can be so creative with it, and really use it to empathize with the style of your brand. The show began with Alia Penner and other girls dressed in white painting flower petals around circles on a glass screen. Then the models paraded through, each carrying a flower which they placed in one of the empty pots. The clothes were stunning. They had the classic Orla Kiely quirky prints with new shapes and silhouettes. Here are some snaps of my favourites.

The painting was a great feature, and it really brought the show to life. As it progressed, the room slowly filled up with flowers and as the models did their final walk, Orla Kiely was painted onto the glass.

Even these adorable flower cupcakes were handed round! The presentation was so fantastic and I even bumped into the lovely Ellie and it was so nice to meet her after reading her blog for such a long time.

Dress - Thrifted 
Tights - Stolen from mum
Boots - Clarks
Bag - Kanken
Jacket - Vintage

And here is what I wore for day 1. As you know from this post, I am currently obsessed with the '60s so I had to wear my new mod shift dress. I paired it with some awesome fishnet tights, ankle boots and some winged liner to complete the look. Ohh and my amazing silver ponytail cuff was a gift and definitely contributed to the '60s vibes.

After Orla Kiely, I wandered round Carnaby street with my amazing Mum who has decided to be my accomplice in all this (she gets to shop and I get a lift to events it's a fab deal). I drooled over some gorgeous shoes in Office and even did a little survey thing. I then unfortunately had to head back home, despite my complaints, to help out with a school commitment. Overall, it was a short but very successful day and I'm hoping tomorrow will be good too. 

-Lexi xo

All good things are wild and free

Monday, 8 September 2014

The title is some artsy stupid quote I found on Tumblr, but this outfit shoot is from the most beautiful forest in Martha's Vineyard so I thought it was appropriate. These trees were everywhere and the view from my bedroom window was always stunning. 

Jacket - thrifted
Dress - DIY/customised

So this amazing denim bomber jacket was found in a Thrift shop on the island and it was so nice to throw on in the evenings. I love the red detailing, it gives a classic item such a nice twist. American thrift shops are one of my favourite things, and if you haven't yet seen my haul, watch at the end of this post or click HERE. The dress was originally white, long and my Mum's. But she handed it down to me and I decided to get a little creative. I tie dyed it with a subtle sky blue colour, so if you look closely it really does look like scattered clouds across the dress. I then had it hemmed at a cheap tailor to create this unique '60s mini!

^Slightly awkward close up to show you the tie dye^

As promised here is my thrift haul video with the wonderful Alice

Meanwhile I have started school once again and so far it's not too shabby. I literally can't wait to start doing art coursework.

-Lexi xo

Current obsession: Mary Quant

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Collage by me, photos from my tumblr

Upon one of my many internet searching sessions, I have recently become acquainted with the wonderful Mary Quant (not literally, we're not actually friends *yet*). This revolutionary designer is the woman we have to thank for the infamous miniskirt (and hotpants). She was a key player in the '60s mod and youth movements in fashion and is quite an icon. At the time, the miniskirt was a symbol of youth. It was daring yet innocent, and its' controversial reputation meant young people HAD to wear it.

Unfortunately, nowadays the miniskirt rep has completely changed. Now, if your skirt is super short it's seen as a sign of bad taste, maybe even sleezy. It's sad how the once young yet classy trend has become controversial in a very different way. I don't think it's the case for all miniskirts, and it's sort of the norm for most hem lines but the expectations have changed a lot. However, the innocent, '60s shift dresses have become my latest obsession. Expert tip: they work best with winged liner. 

What do you think about the miniskirt? Sweet or bad taste?

-Lexi xo

Summer nostalgia

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I have less than 24 hours of sweet Summer bliss remaining, before the twisted arms of school will once again enthrall me into a world of exams, sweaty teenagers and homework. I took these photos of my beautiful friend Alice at the very beginning of the Summer, when that soft evening light just started to emerge. As the days are getting shorter and the light starts to disappear, I thought it would be nice to bask in the nostalgia of Summer by posting some of these photos.

AdiĆ³s Summer

-Lexi xo

Behind the scenes of Virgin Suicides with Anna McGrane

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to join the wonderful Anna McGrane on her latest shoot, inspired by The Virgin Suicides. The young and talented photographer kindly invited me to help with the creative process.  I captured some behind the scenes snaps and also got a few minutes to chat with Anna about her inspiration and future plans in photography. 

Behind the scenes:

Watch below or click HERE.

Here are my behind the scenes photos!

The girls looking beautiful

Putting flowers in hair

Anna hard at work (this is the kind of level she will go to in order to get the shot -  points for persistence!).

Refueling with muffins

Pretty shoes

Photos(see the rest on Anna's portfolio):

The photos are so beautiful and these are a few of my favourites. 

Make sure you follow Anna on instagram (@a_mcgrane) to keep up with her work. Thanks again Anna!

-Lexi xo

p.s. You may have noticed Lexi Likes has had a makover! As much as I loved my old theme, there were lots of issues with images being cut off and mobile device viewing so it was time for a change. I tried to keep a touch of my old theme in the header but I like this a lot better. My favourite feature being the 'pin it' button that pops up when you hover over an image, so perfect for all you pinterest lovers! Do you like it? Let me know in a comment!