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This month has been the longest I've ever gone without posting since the start of this blog, and it was strange putting it aside. I've been kind of inactive on social media for a while due to the delightful presence of my looming GCSEs. Luckily, my mocks have now finished, and the New Year has been a nice opportunity for me to reassess what I'm doing. I think I'm finally going in a direction with my life and my art - I'm in a good place.

Although the shorts and tights combo is a little childish, it's something I feel really comfortable in, especially with the elegant silhouette of a long coat on top. Since visiting Stockholm last October, I've been taking a lot of inspiration from Scandi style. The people in Stockholm wore a lot of black and neutral colours, but kept it interesting with dramatic shapes and bright blonde hair. You can definitely see me channelling my Swedish roots in this outfit.

Play Date In Paris

In an attempt to escape the depressing cloud of revision for our mocks in January, Lily and I escaped to Paris last week for a few days of freedom. We had a magical day in Disneyland (that post is on its way) and another day exploring the Louvre and the city in general. These are a few pieces from our play date in Paris.

States of Mind: Ann Veronica Janssens

As Ann Veronica Janssen's opening to her yearlong exploration of human conciousness, she filled a room at the Wellcome Collection Gallery with coloured mist, obscuring your senses and enveloping you in light.

The hazy yet vibrant installation was definitely an experience. Your perception of depth is completely warped, forcing you to rely on your other senses to navigate the room. I wanted to create a psychedelic arty montage of Sky and myself's journey through the installation. However, I found our commentary far too amusing to abandon, so my video ended up a bit of a mix. Watch below or click HERE.


Check out some of the things I'e been loving this past November! Watch below or click HERE.


'70s in Sigtuna

On my last day in Sweden, we visited the town Sigtuna. Founded in 980 and with a population of just over 8000,  it's a sweet window into old Sweden. The pastel houses with lanterns and low ceilings look like they are straight out of a Wes Anderson film set. Each detail seemed like something from a storybook, and as I walked around, I couldn't quite comprehend that this town was real. From toy-like bicycles to hand painted shop signs to an antique phone box, I felt like I was living my dream '70s suburban teen movie.

After walking through the whimsical and quaint main street, we went down to the Lake. It was breathtaking. It was bright and inviting, with a large open deck looking out on to the rolling water. I couldn't resist taking some Dawson's Creek-esque pictures of me looking moody by the water, to once again make my suburban teen movie dreams come true.