I'm in a daze of textbooks, colourful pens and Dexter episodes. My recent outfits have consisted of a diverse range of pyjamas and gym clothes. My first exam is about two weeks away and I've yet to have any major breakdowns, which I'd consider a major victory. In case it's not evident by my lacking internet presence, I'm currently studying for my GCSEs. It's a little mundane, but it'll be over in just over two months, so I'm not too worried. 

I've lacked the time to create much, but I did play around last night with some self portraits, which I thought I'd share.

Fashion Utopias

A little slice of Fashion Week that I forgot to blog about was the International Fashion Showcase: Fashion Utopias exhibition at Somerset House. I saw a taste of it at the Print Matters press breakfast, but it was lovely to see the other countries' work too.

Above is a stunning display from the Philippines' section. The Phillipine Embassy very kindly invited me to the show, and I was amazed at their designers' edgy creations. In particular, I'm obsessed with this killer red embellished dress by Thian Rodriguez.

It was so nice to see such an eclectic range of designs, each country interpreting the theme in their own way. It was also great to see upcoming designers make their mark on London's fashion scene. If you want to read more about the exhibit, and there is such a cool range that I recommend you do, click HERE and HERE.


The Fashion Week Formula

To conclude the fashion week posts, I thought I'd share what I wore. Fashion week is this weird hybrid of a business meeting, a competitive school mufti-day and one of the coolest parties you've ever been to. So what do you wear to a thing like that?

Steventai AW16

With a Freaky Friday themed invitation, the steventai AW16 collection was inspired by the concept of an 'old soul' and a girl who is wise beyond her years. The models were sitting in a paisley apartment, each in quaint rocking chairs working on crochet. The clothes were also influenced by the old lady in our daily lives, hence the delicate prints and typical vintage frames.

The comforting prints and patchwork were modernised with frayed edges.

London Fashion Week Vlog

Want to come with me to a day of London Fashion Week? Check out my new video below or click HERE.


Edeline Lee AW16

Held at the On|Off showcase at the Vinyl Factory in Soho, the Edeline Lee presentation featured an unusual cold-weather colour scheme of white and lilac, with pops of green and red. The backdrop of shredded paper, bright lights and a checker board floor created a contemporary theatrical set for the London based, but Canadian born designer's elegant collection.

Trench coats and jumpsuits were made more modern in light and fun fabrics.