Lexi Likes -- Lush ladies and Lush birthdays!

Hello all!
Earlier today I went to my friend's birthday party at Lush. All the staff were so lovely and I had a great time there and wanted to share it with you all!

We arrived at the wonderfully smelling store and two gorgeous girls called Nic and Magda (thanks again girls if you're reading) showed us around and told us all about the products and how their all new line is dedicated to rosemary. Rosemary has so many benefits for your skin and it was so cool to learn about what wonders it does. As we were toured around all the products, we were allowed to try and test all of them and afterwards our hands felt amazing, lets be honest. We then played a few games and quizzes to see who could remember anything about the products and who could demonstrate how they work. Being a blogger, I already knew everything about bubble bars and was thrilled to attempt demonstrating and I think I did pretty well. 

We then were taught about how their bath bombs are made and got to make some ourselves. They are made out of a mixture of colourful powders and decorations, then put into a mould to set for a day or so. 

The best part was that we got £10 to spend in store as part of the birthday package and we were allowed to keep the bath bombs we made. Below is a picture of my loot. I will make sure to review the products soon.

Overall it was a great day and I want to thank the friendly girls at Lush because they were so nice to us. I would definitely recommend a Lush birthday-do if you are a sucker for their products (me) or you want to learn more about them.

-Lexi xo

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was not sponsored or paid for this post, I was invited for a birthday party and wanted to tell you about my experience.

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