Lexi's travels -- Tatler bystander ball, London

On Tuesday, I went to the Tatler bystander ball which was the first ever teen ball held by Tatler. It was in partnership with Johnnieb clothing and the theme was black tie on the beach. So here's what happened.

Me and my friend Ava arrived at the venue -- Supperclub, Acklam Road, London -- after the bystander ball twitter retweeted my tweet, which added to the excitement.  We were given our wristbands and dedicated number then allowed into the party. We then  were greeted by the sight of a topless waiter serving free mocktails. There were also photographers everywhere taking pictures and asking for your name so they can put you in the magazine.

The venue was really cool and this is the view from the balcony overlooking the dance floor/main area. As you can see they were sun beds bordering the walls on the balcony and lower floor too, covered in giant cushions and beach balls. This was a really good addition and me and my friends spent a while chilling on them.

This is the view from the dance floor overlooking the balcony where I took the last picture. There was a bar on both floors serving free drinks on the downstairs and paid on the upstairs. They also served food such as mini goats cheese pizzas and chicken sticks which were incredible. Every hour or so a circus act would perform in the middle of the dance floor and below is a picture I took of a very skilled man, climbing a rope with his bare strength.

Towards the back of the room near the entrance, was a small area dedicated to johnnieb. There was a styling contest and a modeling free casting too. I entered both and they were great fun.  I also met Jamie Lang and Phoebe from Made in Chelsea. I don't really watch the show but my other friends do and they were screaming and fangirling like you wouldn't believe.

They also gave out amazing goodie bags at the end and here is what was in them!

Overall I had a great night. I met some new people, danced with my friends and chilled on a giant sunbed. Success! 

-Lexi & Ava (one with the glasses)  xo

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