1000 page views and new translate feature!

Hey Lexingtons!

Today I want to thank you because I just had a look at my blog stats and I saw that I hit 1000 page views. It really isn't about the numbers for me but it does make me happy to think that my little blog has been clicked on over a thousand times. I have recently gained quite a few new readers which I am thrilled about. I then realised that a lot of my views come from different countries (it blows my mind knowing someone from Russia or Poland or the Netherlands has seen my blog) so I added a new feature where you can translate my blog into different languages. I have currently put it right at the bottom of my feed but as soon as I'm home and have access to a proper computer, I'm hoping to move it into a more accessible spot. Let me know if you like this feature and thank you so much again. You are all wonderful!

-Lexi xo

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