DIY Backpack customization

Hey internet! Today I show you how to jazz up an old bag for school or general handbag purposes! 

 So I don't know about you guys but at my school there is a sort of subconscious pressure to buy a new school bag when it's a new year. I don't have the money nor the reason to buy a new bag. Mine has lasted me many adventures through different countries to different classes. It hasn't ripped or  broken and looks pretty new even though I've had it for about a year and it has carried the weight of an elephant in books. I love it but it's time for a revamp!  

I started by choosing fabric. Even though my bag has a bold tribal pattern I decided to choose a clashing tartan print. Now this is a total love or hate thing so I understand if you don't like it. I pinned down my pieces of fabric and sewed on two thick stripes of the tartan print onto the top flap of my bag. I used a basic running stitch and some red thread. I didn't hem the fabric or anything but I'm hoping it won't fray.

I didn't make the stripes quite long enough so I added a little row of earthy toned beads to finish it off. You can jazz up your bag in so many different ways so I hope you got some inspiration from this.

The original bag is from Urban Outfitter by the way and I definitely recommend their bags. They are such great quality and I know they are slightly pricey but they are definitely worth it. They don't sell my exact one anymore but you can find a similar one here. Finally I have a couple of cute things which I'm going to carry in my school bag. I have a sweet little notebook with a print of these old library books which I bought in Sweden (I forgot to feature it in my haul). It kinda reminds me of an old attic library or something with lots of books about potions and magical things :). I have my little yellow coin and card purse which I'm going to use for change also bought in Sweden. Finally, I have my Macys pouch which will be my pencil case for the year - bought in NY.

If you try this DIY out or jazz up your bag, tag me in an instagram post @lexi_law or tweet me a picture to @lexi_likes. I would love to see!

-Lexi xo

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