Hi everyone

Today I want to talk about being confident. I am a very confident person but I haven't always been like this. I used to worry so much about my appearance and what people thought of me. I want to help any of you who are like that because you are all wonderful and original. So here are my steps to being confident.

1. Being happy with yourself.

The first stage of being confident is being happy with yourself. You have to embrace yourself and your body. You are never going to get different legs or different hair or a different face. These are the things that make you different and who wants to be like everyone else? Sure you can work out to improve fitness and possibly weight, but chances are you won't change that dramatically. Embrace your flaws and show off your good points. If you have a curvy body, don't try and be a twig, wear a Bodycon dress and show off that figure! If you have freckles, don't cover them up, smile and show them off! Or if you have a baby face, don't avoid pictures, make your hair messy and big and give your cheeks a light contour to embrace the innocence of your natural face shape! Once you are happy with yourself and know your perks and flaws, you can move on to the next stage of confidence.

2.Not caring what other people think.

I can't stress this point enough. The minute I stopped caring about anyone else I was SO much happier and more confident. Your life shouldn't be wasted living it to other people's choices or opinions. Your life is about you and not them. Their opinions are none of your business. I've been called fat, ugly and many more things this past year and yeah, I could be really upset about it, try to lose weight or be pretty but the thing is I am totally happy the way I am. I'm not fat. I'm not ugly. I'm confident and myself and that's enough. If people aren't going to appreciate that or can't understand it, that's their problem. Anyone who is immature enough to insult you like that is obviously insecure about themselves and to be honest I would feel sorry for them. If they were low enough to try and bring down your happiness, they are obviously not worth your time. So don't care what others think of you, because it shouldn't make a difference. This is your life, live it the way you want. If you are self happy and don't care about others, you are basically a fierce, confident machine. Hazah!

3. Working the confidence.

If you know me, I do like to occasionally brag about my confidence. Not in an arrogant way but more to stop any more people getting to me. I've been bullied before and it really sucks. I just know how to stand up for myself now and I'm too confident to let anything someone says or does get to me.  So my lovely Lexingtons, be confident, be you, be wonderfully outgoing and don't let any bad things get to you because it's just not worth your time. 

I love you all. If you have any more questions or need advice ask me on my tumblr which is linked in a page below my banner.

Much love

-Lexi xo

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