Lexi's travels -- Brighton

Hello all! Today I'm going to tell you all about my trip to Brighton a couple of weeks ago, celebrating my friend Ava's birthday. We took the train down and once we arrived we headed straight to the pier. Now if you've never been to Brighton pier, the system is you buy tokens to go on rides and each ride costs a certain amount of tokens. We were planning on buying lots as we were going to spend the whole day there but we found out for the same price as we were going to spend on tokens, we could buy unlimited wristbands! This was so good because it meant we didn't have to worry about wasting tokens on baby rides or keeping count of them! 

The rides were really good. My favourites were the horror house, the mouse roller coaster and the one shown below.

I also loved the helter-skelter.

After going on every ride twice (including the toddler rides) we were so hungry. We found an Asian street food type of place on the pier. We had prawn crackers for 60p and some HUGE rice and noodle dishes for £2-3! They were delicious.

We decided we'd had enough of the pier and changed into our swimsuits to hit the beach. It was warm for England so we went swimming - yes we are all nuts. It was absolutely freezing but we had such a laugh and a little adventure swimming under the pier.

After our little beach adventure, we wanted to go to the famous lanes to shop. We passed the Royal pavilion on the way and the Brighton Dome.

There was also this really cool busker we saw who had an interesting method of playing the guitar. There are some great street artists of all kinds in Brighton which makes it have this cool, quirky vibe.

The lanes are these small little narrow streets filled with cool shops like vintage stores, record stores and lots more. I definitely want to go back to shop for an entire day.

I found this amazing comic book and manga store and it had such a great selection! Look at the manga!

Here is the bag with the address and name of the store in case you want to go.

Overall a great Summer day trip!

-Lexi xo

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