Lexi's travels -- New York

At the beginning of Summer I was lucky enough to visit my favourite place - New York City. I've been there before so I won't talk to you guys about a lot of the common touristy things because I've done most of them. I went with my parents and we stayed in the Andaz hotel on 5th and 41st street. I have no negative things to say about the hotel. The room we stayed in was incredibly spacious for New York and the hotel was very modern. They had friendly staff and who were incredibly helpful when it came to booking restaurants, touristy things etc.

On our first day, we went to the Empire State building. On our previous trip we went to Top of the rock instead because it was supposed to be better but this time we tried the Empire State. Now it was good and we went fairly early so the queues weren't too bad. However, now I've had the chance to compare the two buildings and views, Top of the Rock is better. It has glass around the outside as opposed to wire so you can see out much better and it's better for pictures too. I still enjoyed it and here is my best shot from the Empire State building.

It was SO hot when we went (almost 40 degrees C) and since we were in the city it was also really humid. Therefore I got really dehydrated and felt like I was going to pass out when a spotted a glorious Jamba Juice which honestly saved me. It was my first and it was magical.

Later that day I went shopping on fifth avenue and went to Sephora, Madewell and many more exciting places. I also did an OOTD that afternoon which you can see here.

The following day, we visited the high line park. If you aren't familiar with it, it was an old railway in the meatpacking district used for transporting goods across the city but eventually they stopped using it. Two men turned it into an amazing park which looks over the city and it is beautiful. There were playgroups, yoga classes and cafes along the park. It was very peaceful and was like a small strip of green through the urban streets of NY. Here are my favourite pictures I took there and in some you can even see the old tracks. I also did an OOTD post at the park which you can find here.

Some amazing street art
The tracks
The spot where all the art students come and sketch the sky line and sit on the bleachers. I loved this girl's backpack and I really want one so I took a picture of it.
We also payed Time Square a visit.

Our hotel was right next to the library (which I think was actually the one from the movie The Day After Tomorrow) and Bryant Park.  Every month in Bryant park they have an outdoor movie screening and we didn't get to watch one but this is what the screen and park looked like. The photo isn't great because it was late at night and my camera wouldn't focus but here it is. We ate dinner there one night and the Park was hazy but had a very relaxed vibe.

We also went to Grand Central station which was beautiful. Especially the ceiling which had paintings of the constellations on it.

The flat iron building:

Near the flat iron building is Buffalo exchange which is the coolest thrift store which stocks designer and ordinary brands. I went and bought two dresses, a hat, a bag and a blazer for around $60. They have some amazing pieces and if you like fashion, go there for original things and great prices.

Finally, we ended our trip with a walk in Central Park. 

It's a tradition of mine to buy a snow cone if I'm in Central Park because they are so hard to find in England.
Hope you enjoyed my post about my New York adventure!

-Lexi xo

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