August favourites

September is already here; I can't believe it. I spent the majority of August in France and I was sketching and reading lots. Here are the things I have been loving!

1. Like I said before, I have been sketching like crazy and I thought it would be nice to include some of my sketches at the end of this post so look at the end to  see them! When I travel I like to take a thin blue moleskin sketchbook shown above and it is so light and easy to take with you. The paper is quite thin so I wouldn't paint or use ink on it but it is great for pencil drawings!

2. My naked basics palette is amazing and if you are looking for an everyday item or something to start off with because you don't normally wear eyeshadow, buy this! I usually put venus in my inner corner, mix walk of shame and foxy for my lid and on some days I use naked 2 to fill in my eyebrows. 

3. Maybelline's dream pure BB cream for oily skin is so nice. I use it just under my eyes and on my nose, wherever I need light, matt coverage. It is 2% salicylic acid which if you don't know, helps with spots. 

4. I use my Real techniques expert face brush to apply the BB cream and it just gives it a very flawless finish. It is very easy to work with and is a fantastic brush.

5. This Kokeshi perfume was given to me by my friend Edie in France and it has a beautiful light and girly scent. It came with a mini one too so I take that with me in my bag or in my pocket for school - it's perfect! And the bottle of a Japanese doll is so cute.

6. Throughout August I have been wearing lots of rings and ear cuffs. Ear cuffs are the perfect way to add an edgy and bohemian vibe to an outfit and it's a bit like a clip on cartilage piercing, as weird as that sounds. It's the same thing about layering rings and mid-rings. These are some of my favourite rings and ear cuffs which I have been wearing recently.

(left to right) 3 earcuffs from River Island, face ring was a gift, rose gold mid-ring form Miss Selfridge, silver ring a gift.

7. Now we come to the first book I read which was the first 3 One Piece manga books in one. One Piece is probably the most popular anime ever and I can definitely see why. It follows the story of a boy called Luffy who wants to be a Pirate but as a child, he eats a fruit that means he is made of rubber and can't swim - both not pirate qualities. The fighting is so silly that it is fun to read.

8. The Fault in our stars by John Green was the next thing I read. This is a very popular book among teenagers and I would highly recommend it. It is a sad story but I beautiful one. It follows the path of two cancer patients who meet in a support group. One carries around an oxygen tank, the other has an amputated leg. They slowly fall in love and it is about their struggles together and what they go through. It is beautifully written. John Green is actually a YouTuber and you can find his very popular channel under the username of vlogbrothers. 

9. Severed heads, Broken hearts by Robyn Schneider (also goes under the book title The beggining of everything not sure why) was another great read. It is compared to John Green's novels like the Fault in our stars and they do have similar writing styles and plots. Robyn Schneider is a YouTuber too funnily enough and you can find her under the username robynisrarelyfunny. She explains all about her book there and what it is about but I will give you a brief summary, similar to the blurb. Ezra Faulkner goes from being the most popular boy in a school to being alone and with a group of misfits after he shatters his knee in a car accident.  There he meets a girl called Cassidy Thorpe. She is beautiful, effortless and interesting and together they sneak into universities, dance in a silent flash mobs and find secret treasure. 

Finally, as I promised are some of my sketches. Some are manga characters you might recognise, some I made up, some a just normal drawings.

-Lexi xo

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