DIY magazine flowers

I was in Portobello market the other day and saw these really cool magazine cut out flowers displayed on a shop wall and wanted to make them! So I thought I would teach you how.

You will need:
-Some magazines 
-Scrap paper
-Paper fasteners or split pins
-A pencil
-Some scissors
-Blue tack

The first thing you want to do is go through all of your magazines and rip out pages of adverts and things you like the look of. Try to go for different colours which will help the flower effect.

You then want to draw on your scrap paper three different sized flowers. I drew mine very roughly but you could print out a flower stencil  if your prefer.

Place your stencil onto a magazine page with some blue tack to keep it in place. 

Cut out three flowers using this method.

You then want to line up your flowers, placing the biggest one on the outside and the smaller ones going inwards. Then get a pencil and make a small hole through the middle of the lined up flowers.

Push through a paper fastener and split it at the back to secure it.

And Voila! I made three and was very pleased with the way they turned out. I am making a frame collage wall and these add to the collection of wall goodies nicely. I think they would also look really good on a white wall or a bedroom door. You don't have to make flowers either, you could make circular ones or any other shape that you like.

Make sure to send me a picture if you make them!

-Lexi xo


  1. these are so cute!
    Your blog is lovely, would you mind taking two minutes to check out mine?

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