DIY Shiny shell jar

Hello lovelies! Today's craft is this jar covered in varnished shells. I'm sure many of you have some leftover shells from the summer or you may have been given some by a friend. Whenever you find shells or stones in the water they have this magical glisten to them and they are so pretty, but when you take them out of the water they become foggy and no longer shiny. I'm going to show you how to make them shine again and some ideas on what to do with them.

The first thing you want to do is layout your shells and stones on some scrap paper.

This was one of my favourite beach finds. It looks like a little creature and this is his flaming eye. His name is Bill.

I also found some mother of pearl! 

The next thing you need is some clear nail varnish. I also chose a translucent gold shimmery polish and a clear one with a tiny bit of glitter.

Then you want to paint your shells and stones with the varnish. It's best to do a few coats and this will give your beach treasures the same glisten they had in the water. Nail varnish is the perfect thing to use because the little brushes mean you can get right into the crevices of the shells.

Mine turned out really well. I was especially pleased with this little one I painted gold.

I decided to stick them onto the outside of a jar using sticky tab tape and then put a little candle light inside. You could also fill the jar with them or display them on a glass tray, it is totally up to you! Let me know if you try this by tagging me in a twitter pic @lexi_likes. 

Much love

-Lexi xo

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