Lexi's travels - Covent garden, London

SO I live in London as you probably know but I still think this counts as a travel adventure because day trips - hello? Anyway so some wonderful friends and I went to Covent garden and it is one of my favourite places. It is full of inspiration and cool stuff. Also you can do lots of really cool things there for little money  - yay! Here is what we did.

I insta-ed this picture (@lexi-law) with these animazomb toy things. They were really cool. 

I wore  my swedish tartan dress with these super jazzy tights I found at the bottom of my draw.
We had lunch at the amazing five guys - really good burgers.
Some of us signed their wall of fame.
We went to see the benefit bus - aka most girliest and fabulous bus ever - which was giving away free samples! Yay for free mascara! All we did was show that we followed them on instagram or facebook and we could choose a free sample of the They're real mascara or the Porefessional.
And here is all the wonderful junk I received (yes I know the picture is upside down but blogger is being a fussy thing atm so please make do for now). All of it was free except for the Japanese teddy sweets (you know my obsession with teddies) and the bandanna which I found at THE COOLEST vintage store called Rokit.  But yes all the rest of it was free, badges, leaflets, stickers, postcards, mascara samples and a free LFW paper. Hazah! Like I said if you want to go somewhere on a budget which is inspiring, full of culture and free things, go to Covent garden. Look past the designer stores and peep round some corners - you are bound to find something cool there.

You can look at Rokit's website HERE.

much love

-Lexi xo


  1. I have to say, I was scrolling through the comments on today's saturday links by rookiemag.com, and I noticed the link to your blog. I usually ignore them, however I decided to check it out. I will definitely be checking out this blog more often, truly in awe by your posts. Anyways, it would truly mean a lot if you would check out mine, it's fairly new.


    1. That's one of the sweetest comments I've ever received thank you so much! I love rookie too! Will definitely check out your blog -Lexi xo