Lexi's travels - Sweden

I went to Sweden recently so time for a Lexi's travels post!

I arrived at my grandmothers tiny cottage in Sweden and I was definitely shocked. Forget about wifi, there wasn't even phone service. The cottage was cluttered, small and very rustic. I was told we were going across the lake to their Summer house on an Island to spend a night. 

On the island, there are these rusty trolly things which you use to take your luggage across. It was so bizarre. There were also lots of abandoned boats, bits of machinery and even a car! It was almost like something out of the walking dead and kind of creepy. 

The island had hundreds of bugs and mosquitoes and the house didn't have a shower, just a hose outside. Again, they live a very rustic life and I was definitely a fish out of water. Although there were definitely faults, the island was beautiful. These are some of my favourite photos I took.

I also went to several swedish hot dog shops and looked at some amazing design. Once we were in the village, everything looked like it had come straight from an ikea catalog. Even the airport had bright carpets and a green hand rail just after you come off the plane. I went to a shopping mall too and I did a haul which you can see HERE.

Much love Lexingtons

-Lexi xo

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