Scoop international fashion show

Today I attended the Scoop fashion trade show held at the Saatchi gallery. In this post I'm going to tell you about the event and some of my favourite designers/collections that I saw.
The atmosphere was slightly tense, but mostly friendly. The majority of designers I spoke to were welcoming and open but the odd one did come off as a little dismissive. The venue was fantastic and the Saatchi gallery was an amazing place to show of your designs. It was clean and modern, so you weren't distracted from the clothes but the occasional piece of art made it that much more interesting to wander through. A lot of the designers I didn't think were too unique or special but I definitely found some cool brands that I liked.

Susannagh Grogan:

I was immediately drawn to Susannagh Grogan's fun prints and bright colours. Susannagh is an Irish designer, who has been printing for 15 years. Her unique silk scarves and adorable patterned clutches are so cute and a must for hot weather.

FSL clothing:

FSL (Filthy Sexy London) clothing describe their brand as 'Quintesential Edgy British Fashion'. Being a London girl, I loved their slogans and references to places I like to visit. The one shown below was particularly fitting seeing as the Saatichi gallery is on the Kings road. There are lots of other slogan sweatshirt brands out their but there was something more original about these ones. See their shop HERE.

Various by SEWN PR

This stall was run by Sewn PR and they had a variety of brands on show (listed in the photo below). My particular favourites were the Swedish Hasbeens shoes (I may have fallen in love with the pink pair) and the Sunpocket sunglasses which fold up into pocket-size.


This brand was definitely one of my favourites and one to look out for. It's a Hong Kong based brand with an Australian designer - Polly Siu. The photos I took really don't do the clothes justice and their collection was beautiful and unique. See their website (which has a super cool music) HERE or buy their clothes through asos HERE.


In my opinion it's pretty hard to find original shoes, but I instantly fell in love with Mick Hoyle's bow boots. 

Those are all the brands I took a particular shining to. I have an outfit post coming soon about what I wore to the event but here is a sneak preview and a photo of me outside the Saatchi.

-Lexi xo


  1. this looks so fun! the prints especially are insane and so are those boots! you look fab:)) xxoxox

  2. The dress with butterflies from Nishe is too good to be true

    1. I know it's wonderful! I love the jacket next to it too! Thank you for commenting! xo

  3. That's so cool! I love the multi colored orange dress, and those boots are amazing. xox

    1. Yes I know I love the boots and that dress too! Thanks for the comment <3 xo

  4. I really like Susannaugh's collection, something about prints that drive me wild. It's quite refreshing that most of the designers were open to talking to you, so many of them can be snooty and condescending, you know?

    Glitter Daiquiri

    1. Yes her prints are wonderful! Absolutely! And sadly a lot of the designers were, but I picked the ones I liked and who were most open to talking to me. xo

  5. Aaah, Saatchi Gallery is the best, no surprise you had good time.