Pure London Fashion trade show - Brands that caught my eye (Part 1)

Hello all! On Sunday I attended the Pure London fashion trade show at Kensington Olympia. I'm going to break it up into two or three parts as I have a lot of content and things to talk about. Today's post is going to be about my favourite brands I saw there and then I will have coverage on the catwalks coming over the next week or so. 

Pop Boutique London:

The girl I spoke to at Pop boutique London was so nice and I love all of their clothes. Many were vintage inspired such as the two piece sets and '60s style shift dresses. Some of their clothes were recycled from old pieces and turned into something new (third photo) such as a pair of Tartan shorts I spotted which were originally a long skirt. They gave me some awesome flyers with old vintage photos on them and have added them to my endless collage wall! Check out Pop boutique HERE.

The Feather tree:

I love the bright prints of the feather tree and their feather earrings are so interesting. All of the fabrics are from markets in Kenya, so often pieces are one of a kind. All of the clothes are made in Kenya too by a select few tailors. They also make hair feathers/feather extensions which I have never tried but love the look of! See their website HERE.

Fanpac London and Mr Freedom:

Next is Fanpac London and Mr Freedom (they were part of the same stall). Fanpac London's design inspiration is taken from Rock 'n' roll. They have several band T-shirts and other designs referencing older pop culture. See their site HERE

Now if you're older or a fan of '60s fashion, you might know Mr Freedom. They were a clothing boutique in London in the '60s who sold pop art fashion and huge at the time. They have made a comeback and are up and running, once again in the Kings road. I plan to pay their new store a visit at some point because from what I saw at Pure, their clothes are looking pretty rad.


I am a massive fan of gold jewellery, so I automatically looked at Orelia. Their delicate pieces were simple yet pretty and bright. I loved the eastern influences and how the brand's inspiration was taken from traveling.

Chic Freak:

Chic Freak's PVC fabric immediately caught my eye. The dresses have such interesting prints layered on top and they are so original. I liked the rain coats too actually, especially the brighter ones - that would really cheer up a grey-day outfit. They were sponsored by this drink called Firefly which had adorable packaging and I tried and quite liked. See Chic Freak's website HERE.


As a member of the press, I was given an incredibly generous goody-bag which I won't show in depth, but this amazing leather cuff from Nu is so gorgeous I couldn't resist. The quality is beautiful and I am in love with this piece!

Those were all of my favourite brands I found, which one is your favourite? Look forward to coverage on the Pure catwalks in the near future! 

-Lexi xo


  1. a member of the press ahh! so exciting and this stuff all looks so cool! I love the first shop and feather earrings in particular. xxo


    1. I know! Yeah it made me wish I had my ears pierced! xo

  2. You have a great taste about fashion! I love all the brands you faved! ♥

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