Pure London Fashion trade show - Womenswear catwalk (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my Pure London post.  This one is going to be about the Womenswear catwalk and my favourite looks from the show. I came pretty early to this one as I wanted to get a good seat for taking photos (this was a very good plan as I ended up in the frow - fashion terminology knowledge there on point  I know). Some of the photos are also from the UKTI preview night I attended on Monday, where the same catwalk was held.

The shape of this coat is fabulous.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours and I am always drawn to it. This means I live in yellow tights (see this post) and I love the way they are coordinated here.

I am in love with this dress, the shape of it looks so good on tall girls and the socks and boots complete the look perfectly.

I love the sassy vibes of this one, especially the bomber style jacket. It makes me want to sit in a diner and put on black lipstick.

I love the contrast in this look of the boyish structured leather top with such a flowy skirt. This one was particularly cool to watch on the Sunday as everyone was ah-ing over the fab tulle skirt and I was wearing a tulle skirt so I felt special.

And finally, here is a photo of me on Monday night at the UKTI preview event on the catwalk (with a press pass and everything). Which look was your favourite?

-Lexi xo

p.s I'm currently in Sweden till Tuesday so a few scheduled posts will be going up but I won't have access to wifi so I won't be on twitter, instagram etc. See you soon!


  1. the clothes are amazing and the models are so beautiful it hurts. it looks like it was a lot of fun and fancy press pass x
    enjoy sweden