MUN - Pictures & vlog

Hello all! Sorry for my absence this past week but the weekend was spent at my MUN conference and the weekdays have been spent catching up on missed work. If you haven't read my last post, MUN is Model United Nations. Each school represents a country and you're assigned a committee where you talk about politics and issues from that country's perspective. I was Saudi Arabia Political committee, which was interesting, especially as I had to talk about womens' rights (and I'm a feminist). I spoke a lot and debated some really interesting issues. I also met so many new people. If you get a chance to do any MUN conference, I would really recommend it! This post is going to be some of my photos from the trip. Also my friend Aliya vlogged it so you can see that here too.

The best part about MUN is the note passing. You write a note to whoever and address it to the country and committee of the person, then the messengers come and take it and deliver it to them. This is how I met Kirsty (above). I sent a note to her about how much I loved her knitted hair bows and her style in general (think kawaii, cute and smart). She replied telling me she made them herself, which I thought was so cool. I asked her if I could photograph them and she kindly agreed so here they are.

I didn't get a chance to take many photos (except for cheesy selfies in Scottish hats) but I did take these slow shutter speed ones when Aliya and I were exploring our hotel at night. At first they were an accident, but then I liked the sci-fi effect and took a couple more.

And finally here is the vlog! Aliya has a great Youtube channel so subscribe okay?

That's my MUN post! I'll be back to regular blogging soon, especially as Easter holidays are just around the corner.

-Lexi xo


  1. okay this was SO WEIRD because you were like moving and talking and I know this sounds stupid but i'd never heard you speak before so I didn't know what to expect haha! but yeah basically it was crazy to see you (kinda) in the flesh! i've subscribed to Aliya and this looks so so much fun! xoxx

    1. Ah that doesn't sound weird. I am basically a paper doll with a voice because you only read my words and see me in pictures! Haha that's so funny. Yeah it was awesome, cool thanks Mattie! xo

  2. I agree with Matilda ! It's weird ! Anyway... That's not a bad thing that you can talk ! And move :) Sounds like good fun !
    Eb x

  3. love your slow shutter pictures, I like doing that too. Just seeing what happens. The end product is often really surprising and lovely. Cameras are awesome like that. xxx

  4. Lovely photos. Love the vlog xx

  5. love the knitted hair bows! xx