The original flower crown

I'M BACK. *insert terminator pun about how i told you so*. Good news is my exams are officially over. Bad news is I'm still sort of ill. But it's so close to Summer and I have much more time now for blogging and videos, so get excited. 

Flower crowns are all the rage but where did they originate? Well drift off and think about childhood Summer days when you would sit in the grass and link up daisies until you had an infinite chain. Good times. I recently had a picnic with some friends and we made real flower crowns whilst basking in the hazy sun. I haven't posted photography on here for so long, but I'm going to start doing it more often. Thanks to Lola and Zoe.

-Lexi xo

p.s. I'm having some slight html issues at the moment but I'm getting them fixed ASAP.  Soon my images will be much bigger and re size to your screen but sorry for any inconvenience!


  1. I love these pictures! The colours are so pretty and maaan I just want summer to come already! xx

  2. Such nice photos, I love summer and I'm already dreading the end of it, and it hasn't even started here yet!!! whaaaaaaa.

  3. i love flower crowns and they make me feel so nostalgic! i mean, there's nothing better than having a picnic with friends and flowers in your hair :) i love summer so much, i can't wait to do all these things that have to be done while it's warm and sunny <3

    Lost in my mind

  4. So cute, really lovely photos x

  5. Aww so cute! I remember doing these out if dandelion!
    I am happy your exams are over! Get better soon

    Xx Barbora

  6. This looks so fun! I should try to make some~