Mr Burns at the Almeida theatre

Another highlight of my school Theatreland week was seeing the play Mr Burns at the Almeida theatre. Here is an excerpt taken from the Almeida theatre website about the play:

It’s the end of everything in contemporary America. A future without power. But what will survive?
Mr Burns asks how the stories we tell make us the people we are, explodes the boundaries between pop and high culture and, when society has crumbled, imagines the future for America’s most famous family.

There are three separate acts, all in different time periods after some sort of apocalypse in America that causes the loss of power. It uses the Simpsons as a common theme to refer back to throughout the play (hence the title). At times they become the characters and at others they tell tales of the cult figures. The way they used the theme was very clever, and since they are such iconic characters everyone has at least come to terms with them in some form. I can't write much without spoiling it and it's better to know less going in. Although if you aren't a regular Simpsons fan, familiarize yourself with the classic 'Cape Feare' episode in order to understand a lot of the references.  It is incredibly unique. It's so hard to be original but I can honestly say I have never seen anything similar. It's also clever. Even if you aren't a fan of the plot or structure, you can still appreciate the concept and details of the performance. The costumes and set were fantastic too. At the end, it will make you think. Not only about a future post-electric socitey, but also about how stories evolve overtime and how this effects them.

What's the best play you've recently watched?

-Lexi xo


  1. Sounds really interesting! x

  2. Man that's sounds really cool, I'd love to see this.

  3. I need to see this! :)

  4. this sounds odd but amazing! such an interesting concept <3 <3 xoxo