Current obsession: My So Called Life

Apologies for the delay in posts this past week. I've been waiting for this thing to publish somewhere else but it hasn't so long story short, we're going to post about this first. THIS my dear readers, is My So Called Life, aka one of the best teen shows to ever grace the earth. I'd heard people on Rookie rave about it for a while, so I decided to give it a shot. It's amazing. The show follows Angela Chase, who is played by a beautiful young Claire Danes, and it's literally just about her figuring out life and finding herself. But the even better thing is that she is actually given opinions (unlike so many bland characters in teen shows these days). The voice over parts are the best, her words are so poetic. And since I am right in the midst of my teenage years, it's pretty relatable.

An original ad for the show in Sassy magazine (so cool).

Rayanne, who is Angela's best friend, is a major style icon. She's always in these amazing '90s flannels with mismatched skirts and socks.

All photos and gifs from tumblr

Okay I think I've bombarded you with enough gifs and pictures now. The characters are just so great and the '90s clothes are perfect. I would really like to see more shows like this nowadays, with complex characters, teen discovery & angst and just some substance. Leave me any recommendations in the comments if you have them!

-Lexi xo


  1. My So-Called Life will always be one of my favourite series, I just feel like I can relate to Angela Chase so much. Lovely post xx

  2. Urgh, I've been wanting to watch this for ages, but I can't find it anywhere online or anything :(

    1. Try putlocker or watchtvlinks? It's so good x

    2. Check the entire first (and only) season on Hulu. I'm watching it all over again; been a fan of it for almost 20 years. :-)

  3. That show is so amazing! Perfect fall time show. Jordan Catalano makes my heart go beep :)


  4. Rayanne Graff is quite possibly one of the best dressed and most I-wish-she-was-my-best-friend character on any teen show ever. So glad you finally joined the bandwagon.