A recap of my favourite shows from London and New York.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - New York

I can't deal with my insane infatuation for this collection. The British duo  Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, have created such an innovative and diverse range of looks that are all stunning. I really love the two above. As you lovely readers might know, I love contrasting opposite styles and pieces, so the prom-like dresses paired with T-shirts and texture is pure genius. All the designs had my favourite colour palette (pale yellows and blues, black and white) which is an added bonus.

Other note worthy pieces: these retro bright numbers and incredible shoes.

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I'm also kind of obsessed with the top knot Mohawk style they did. Overall the collection was 
eclectic, modern and edgy. Probably my ultimate favourite for this season. *desperately tries not to fangirl*

Meadham Kirchhoff - London

Always one to talk about - Meadham Kirchoff. The collection showcased one of the greatest aspects of fashion: symbolism. Each outfit had references to things such as feminisim, punk culture and even the transformers. I love that your clothes can have so many associations with things and subtle references that only you might understand, so this collection was incredibly rad.

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The quirky combinations were so interesting. Particular praise to all the reconstructed chambray shirts (just think they look awesome).

Vivienne Westwood Red Label - London

I wasn't as wowed as I usually am with Westwood's shows for her Red Label collection but I still liked it (favourites pictured above). What's interesting about it is the political statement she made as all the models had a 'Yes' badge somewhere on their outfit, so it's clear where she stands regarding Scotland's independence. Again, the small symbols and statements you can showcase in an outfit are very intriguing to me, so I liked this aspect of the show (even if I'm pretty neutral on the political matter).

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The makeup was cool too. Each model had a unique dramatic feature that added a little spice to each look.

Christopher Raeburn - London

One of my more simplistic favourites, the sustainable and stylish collection from Christopher Raeburn. I really like the shift and oversized shapes paired with sheer panels and silky fabrics. It's just quite sultry in a subtle way.

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So those were all my fashion week highlights. Did you have any favourites from this season? Let me know in a comment.

-Lexi xo


  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS. SO SO MUCH. This is such a great collection of highlights cause you can totally see the whole vibe that you like and have obviously chosen ones that have the common theme among them. It's not necessarily something you can name, but just feel, you know.

    1. YOU FEEL ME <3 Thanks for the lovely comment Sonja!

  2. Beautiful favourites x

  3. Love it!! Meadham Kirchhoff show was so cool :) I also loved the Topshop show :)

  4. Westwood's make up was so on point... man I wish that eyeliner was something I could get away with in real life! That last collection too was so beautiful, the whole minimalist vibe is flawless and that dress in the last photo ���� xxx