Art GCSE is in full swing for me (as well as all my other subjects) and the module that I'm looking at is architecture. My current project is a David Hockney inspired photo collage, but I also have to start gathering references for my end piece. This means I have gone back through all my old photos looking for possible candidates and have found quite a few, due to my family's love for travelling and my passion for photography. I thought I may as well include them all in a blog post.

Firstly, an obvious choice, New York, which happens to be my favourite city of all time so this is making me really happy. These first few are taken from the Empire State building.

The few above were taken in the Meatpacking district and around the High line, which is my favourite city spot.

Time square, night time, Rockefeller centre, Flat iron building.

The next few were taken in the South of France, where there are so many interesting streets filled with old paved roads and pastel houses.

A random one from Kings College in Cambridge, too beautiful not to include.

Next we have a few from Sydney, my second home and also a fab place for shots of architecture near water and the harbor.

This one was taken in the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, which is an awesome spot. It is so surreal being in a little circle of kept nature and peacefulness when there are huge buildings towering above you.

Finally, I have a few really recent photos from just last weekend, where I took an old friend around Covent Garden, which is filled with old and new bits of architecture, and always something interesting.

Hope you enjoyed those and let me know if you are interested in seeing more Art related posts.



  1. love all these photos- making me miss art goes! xx

  2. Lexi, all these photos are so beautiful. Like, I thought I had developed enough wanderlust for New York and London. And that Chinese Garden of Friendship. Do you think you'd wanna adopt me?

    1. Any time Khensani we shall travel the world together! and thank you!

  3. these photos are beautiful, the new york ones especially - i'm yet to visit ny or sydney and you just made my desire to go 100x stronger... bring on a gap year! you're so lucky you get to do all this travelling, and yeesss art posts are great, keep em up! :* xxx

    1. I'm very lucky yes! I want to go on a gap year too I think, it sounds like so much fun. Okay cool glad you like them! xo