Skansen Christmas market - Sweden

A festive stop on my trip to Sweden was a visit to Skansen, a huge open air museum, essentially a disneyland with more trees and less princesses. It was incredibly beautiful, and the Christmas market was wonderful.

These gnomes were a real trend among the market, and I am proud to say I bought one. His name is Norm.

Here is me looking accomplished because it took me a good thirty minutes to get on that thing *that thing being a giant traditional Swedish horse*.

There were fire pits and ice sculptures everywhere, so it was all quite spiritual and earthy.

Here was my attire, featuring hand-me-down snow boots, my Dad's (faux) fur coat, a car boot sale sweater dress and thermal tights. It was F R E E Z I N G.

In typical Lexi Likes fashion, gotta have the artsy looking into the distance shot.

The best way I captured Skansen was in my vlog footage, so watch above, or click HERE.

What are you all doing to get into the festive spirit? I'm only just beginning to feel Christmassy, so let me know!

-Lexi xo


  1. That market looks amazing! xx

  2. I love how magical Christmas is here. That tree is the bee's knees.