Never Let A Dress Limit You

I'm not typically girly in the sense of heels and bright floral prints, but I do love to wear dresses. I tend to wear darker colours and pair them with chunky boots, but on this occasion, I allowed myself a night to be ladylike (apparently combat boots aren't socially acceptable at weddings).


Dress - Joy
Bralet - Free People
Shoes - Next

The wedding I attended was lovely. The reception was held at a stunning open barn in a country field. There were kids running around, a bouncy castle and a rock climbing wall. There was generally a wonderful summer vibe. I opted for my favourite red dress, which I consider to be infused with luck. I also wore high shoes which I have only worn once in the two years of owning them. 

Despite my formal attire, I still managed to climb the 30 foot climbing wall, and reach the top. Never let a dress limit you.



  1. hahah, yes lexi! you look killer in red <3

  2. RED IS SO YOUR COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also am digging the black bralet and shoes. Super killer, love wedding season!!!!!!!