States of Mind: Ann Veronica Janssens

As Ann Veronica Janssen's opening to her yearlong exploration of human conciousness, she filled a room at the Wellcome Collection Gallery with coloured mist, obscuring your senses and enveloping you in light.

The hazy yet vibrant installation was definitely an experience. Your perception of depth is completely warped, forcing you to rely on your other senses to navigate the room. I wanted to create a psychedelic arty montage of Sky and myself's journey through the installation. However, I found our commentary far too amusing to abandon, so my video ended up a bit of a mix. Watch below or click HERE.

It was disorientating, and took me a while to get my bearings. But once I had I became entranced with this mad world I'd walked into. 

The purpose of the mystical room was to get you to focus on perception itself, and think about the way you think. The shallow depth of field, the fading colours, the large open space: all there to challenge your conciousness.

The exhibition continues until January 3rd, so I would defintiley reccomend going to experience it yourself. The queue can be quite long, so the earlier you go the better. I look forward to seeing the other outcomes of the States of Mind series in the future.



  1. I didn't know about this! I think I'll defo have to go and check it out now xo

  2. it's such a great show isn't it?! I love your photos! <3