Steventai AW16

With a Freaky Friday themed invitation, the steventai AW16 collection was inspired by the concept of an 'old soul' and a girl who is wise beyond her years. The models were sitting in a paisley apartment, each in quaint rocking chairs working on crochet. The clothes were also influenced by the old lady in our daily lives, hence the delicate prints and typical vintage frames.

The comforting prints and patchwork were modernised with frayed edges.

I'm obsessed with these pastel loafers, with a sweet pearl detail. 

The white silk pieces are said to represent quilts, like how a steventai girl would rather stay in bed and watch Netflix than go to a party.

The vest, Steventai's new key silhouette, is said to 'push the nerdy side of everyone', an encouragement I find very positive. It's sophisticated and heart-warming.

The collection had a soothing mix of old and new, and I love the idea behind it.



  1. love this grandma chic look

  2. omg this is such a beautiful collection! I love the rich deep blues of the outfits at the beginning. The whole look is so pure, soft and delicate. xo

  3. OMG, I love that looks, I just found my style reflected!! *___________*

  4. this is so cute, absolutely love the collection! x