Fashion Utopias

A little slice of Fashion Week that I forgot to blog about was the International Fashion Showcase: Fashion Utopias exhibition at Somerset House. I saw a taste of it at the Print Matters press breakfast, but it was lovely to see the other countries' work too.

Above is a stunning display from the Philippines' section. The Phillipine Embassy very kindly invited me to the show, and I was amazed at their designers' edgy creations. In particular, I'm obsessed with this killer red embellished dress by Thian Rodriguez.

It was so nice to see such an eclectic range of designs, each country interpreting the theme in their own way. It was also great to see upcoming designers make their mark on London's fashion scene. If you want to read more about the exhibit, and there is such a cool range that I recommend you do, click HERE and HERE.



  1. That white leather (?) piece with all of the grommets is so so cool!
    xx Alyssa

  2. amazing wasn't it? ah Lexi I can't get over you - you are so young but so sophisticated in your writing and so damn in there in the fashion industry...I'm so excited to see what happens before you're 20! you have the world at your feet angel <3

    1. This comment made me so happy, thank you so much Ellie! <3