I Like Fashion... And Shouldn't Apologise For It

It's been months since I've ventured into the previously familiar territory of an outfit post. I use the umbrella term of 'fashion and culture' to describe this blog, but I've ventured beyond those borders over the past few months. And I want to continue to do that, as my interests grow and views on the world develop. However I still really enjoy fashion. I sometimes worry that admitting that may lead some people to take my views on other matters less seriously than I'd like. I was flattered and thrilled while at CNN that my views on social media and millennials were sought after and taken seriously. I want to set a high standard for my content, whether it's fashion or politics or society. So I pose this question to myself, will putting together a 'What's in my bag' video will undermine any views I express on weightier issues? But the truth is I love fashion, I do. I think it's fun, creative and it is linked with so many other things I'm interested in like art and film. So I am going to continue to write fashion posts, alongside other posts, from travel to politics to society to gender issues to art and ethics. I hope I continue to have the confidence to write about the things that interest me, and hopefully interest those who read my blog.


Playsuit - Asos
Shirt - Vintage PJ shirt
Shoes - Adidas
Backpack - Zara
Rings - Miscellaneous

In true Lexi Likes fashion, let's talk about what I'm wearing. Firstly, I have a newfound appreciation for middle partings and french braids. I have yet to master the skill to do them myself, but I've got my dear old pal Lily who I put to work wherever possible. Secondly, I am a big fan of this silk pyjama shirt I stole from my mother. The lingerie as outerwear has become somewhat of a trend, and I am a grand supporter of this. Finally, ever since my trip to Stockholm last October, I've been fully embracing my Scandi roots via fashion, opting for clean silhouettes with a lot of black, white and navy. It contrasts well with the golden locks I've been blessed with.

There you have it. In short, I like fashion, and shouldn't apologise for it.



  1. I love this outfit! Fashion is definitely worth talking about - you have to wear clothes every day, it's important!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  2. I like this outfit. I believe that every girl has to follow the fashion trends in clothing. But even have your own style.