3 Years Of Blogging: Sonja

In the third and final instalment of my series celebrating three years of blogging, I've chatted to Sonja, the arty space queen behind her blog Sonja Titanic, and the online zine Plasma Dolphin. Sonja is one of my favourite online creators - enjoy!

Last month here don't mind my crying

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What do you remember about your early days of blogging as a teen?

I definitely remember it being this mega fun, magical place where all of a sudden I could carve out my own venue on the interwebz to just do me. People from my real life didn’t know about it, and I had this digital alter ego with a dope community of kids that I was able to be honest and genuine with, in a way I was too shy to in real life. It was also a place that people so genuinely wanted to consume what you were putting out there, and we all had this unspoken friendship where we would interact and support and comment on each others posts religiously. I used to spend hours a night just reading through everyone’s blogs and commenting, continuing conversations and researching.

What has changed for you and your blog over the last 3 years?

Life got a lot busier, so blogging has become much less consistent, but there are so many days that I still go back and just read through everyone’s blogs I used to frequent. I don’t always comment anymore, but there’s a piece of comfort that comes with just being updated by what all these people are doing. I still feel a strange connection to everyone, and though I’ve never met them, and though for a lot of them I haven’t ever communicated with them outside of the blogosphere, I genuinely feel like they are some of the people who know me best- which is WACK.

What is your forecast for the next three years?

I’ll still be blogging sporadically - it’s definitely a part of my life I’m unwilling to give up. But it’s also a time of crazy growth for me. I’ll be finishing university studying graphic design and publishing, hopefully moving to places I want to live and exploring. I’ll also still be watching crappy remakes of Cinderella and bingeing TV shows and crying in my bed and eating too many ketchup chips and being a mess of a human being, but I think I’ll be in a place where those parts of me will at least still be endearing. <3

You can check out the now completed interview series HERE. Thanks for a wonderful three years everyone, here's to many, many more.


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