Fashion and Feminism: Partners in the Digital Age

I was interviewed by Ramona Mag this week, and also wrote an article for them on fashion and feminism. Read an excerpt below.

"In my view, one reason some people firmly believe that fashion and feminism can’t sit comfortably together is because, throughout history, fashion has often been an enemy to women and worked against them. It has, at times, objectified them, and pigeonholed them. Women have developed looks that appeal to the standards set by men, and been judged purely on their physical qualities—qualities men have dictated were attractive at any given moment in time. Women have been criticised for wearing too much makeup, or not enough. Victim blaming is prominent in rape culture, suggesting that what a women wears dictates her accountability in sexual assault. Fashion is a factor of gender roles that remain present in today’s society.
While a lot of these demons still exist, I believe the digital age in which we live has empowered women, particularly in relation to fashion and how they choose to present themselves. For the first time in history, individuals have enormous control over how they present themselves to the world. Social media is, among many other things, a vehicle for self expression. If Kim Kardashian wants to post a nude selfie because she’s proud of her post-pregnancy weight loss, she can. She is free to choose how she wants to be seen. A woman can feel empowered by creating a look of her own liking that she chooses to adopt. Sharing that look on social media can further empower her. The digital age has perhaps built a bridge between fashion and feminism."

Read the full article on Ramona HERE

Read my interview HERE.


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