I'm leaving today!!!

Yes, in a mere few hours I am leaving my beloved family behind and heading to none other than New York City. I've talked about my love for New York before on this blog, and it remains true that it's my favourite place in the world. Having not been there in over three years, I'm excited to see if I connect with it in the same way, as naturally, 13 to 16 is a fairly significant period in one's life where a lot can change. I'm also returning on different circumstances. Instead of travelling with my family, I'm going with a group of students, including some of my best friends, to see and make art.

I can guarantee some killer blog posts upon my return, but for now I encourage you to follow my instagram and twitter to keep up with my adventures @LEXILIKESBLOG.

Goodbye London, HELLO NEW YORK.


  1. I'm so jealous right now! I've been to NYC three years ago and I loved it! I have so many great memories from that place and I can't wait when I'm back there!

    Have loads of fun, girl!!!

    xoxo Astronaut Overboard

  2. it's a cool fact! Hope you enjoy a lot this trip, I'm wishing to read the posts were you tell us your experience!