An Afternoon at MoMA

As our initiation to the New York art scene, we went to the Museum of Modern Art, where legendary paintings and contemporary sculptures sat side by side. It was a vast and colourful collection, and overwhelming as a whole.

I should explain that the fond memories I have of New York include very few gallery visits. Before this trip, I could tell you that the Guggenheim was round, and replicate the Met logo due to it being embellished on the front of one of my early sketchbooks. However I returned to the city having studied art, fairly seriously, for around three years. I was able to recognise (and fangirl a little over) Starry Night, Cubism, Pollock, Matisse, and so much more. I went from having seen barely any art in New York, to what felt like all of it. MoMA was just the beginning. And it was wonderful.

We also saw the temporary exhibitions on Tony Oursler and Nan Goldin, both of which were fascinating.

I left feeling utterly inspired, in awe and a bit dazed after confronting so many creations. 



  1. Gorgeous art pieces! I haven't visited MOMA yet, but would love to next time I'm in NY!

    Sabina |

  2. looks like a fantastic day - MOMA is one of my favorites in the city


  3. MoMa is one of my favorites!!

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    xx Audrey