La La Land - (Much More Than) An Adult's High School Musical

I love La La Land. I truly love it. It is worthy of a blog post, and all the other hype. This is my part review, part tribute, and partly me worshipping Damien Chazelle's creation.

The way I describe it is an adult's High School Musical, and I mean that as the finest of compliments. It had all the magic and warmth of a Disney movie, but with depth and grit, beautiful art direction, sophisticated melodies and cinematic precision. Okay, so maybe it's much more than an adult's High School Musical.

The use of bold block colours created a harmonious simplicity amidst elaborate dance sequences and set changes. Many scenes were shot in one take, giving the film a realness and fluidity. In addition to this, the dancing and singing wasn't flawless. It was fantastic, of course, but it also felt real, and accessible. A lot of musicals, understandably, provoke the reaction of 'that would just never happen'. But with La La Land, the audible raspy tones of Ryan Gosling's voice or Emma Stone's laugh in City of Stars made it seem genuine, feasible. The idea of Mia and Sebastian tap dancing on an empty Los Angeles road didn't feel like fiction, nor did their dance among the stars in the planetarium.

There were nods to the old Hollywood films it claims to pay homage to, attention to detail key for noticing the references when watching. Equally, it felt relevant today, due to it's combination of sincerity yet self-awareness.

It ignited a child-like spark of hope inside me. I came out feeling like the world was tough, but it could be magical, and that it was okay to view it like it was magical. I felt inspired and emotionally overwhelmed, and now I want to watch it and go through the journey all over again.

What I'd be most proud of had I been involved in the making of the film is how it has sparked conversation. I saw it with two friends who each loved it for different reasons. One loved the romance and the friendship. The shown hardships and triumphs of the industry resonated strongly with the other. I loved that it reminded me of my early childhood, and conquered my often cynical heart. Only a day or so after watching it, we've already spent hours discussing moments in the film: what they meant, what they reminded us of, how we interpreted them differently, the visual strengths - everything. It seems the whole of the internet is doing the same. 

In case it wasn't clear, I love this film. I will be seeing it again, and gushing over it for a long time. I encourage you to do the same, or at least go and see it so you can understand what myself and everyone else are talking about.



  1. This film was insane, I loved it! It was different to how I imagined it to be (plot wise), but I think thats why it worked so well.. I have the playlist on repeat! x x

  2. I absolutely adored the film, it's 100% my favourite!

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