In Defence of Sentimentality

The concept of 'stopping to smell the roses' is perhaps a cliche. But as I get older, I continue to learn the importance of reflection and sentimentality.

Today, I could smell Summer. I was confronted by the familiar feel of warm skin and the looming end of the school year.  My unexpected lunch date with the British heat made me realise how quickly the last few months have passed.

September marked the beginning of a frantic, but pretty magical period for me. And it has flown by. I can't begin to recount all the events of the last eight months because it's been so densely packed, I wouldn't even know where to begin. But to give you a few highlights - multiple drama productions, exams, probably 50 cheese toasties from the nearby cafe and maybe 70 black coffees, social events, art coursework, an MUN conference, and a lot of books. One thing ends, the next begins, with no time to reflect on what just happened.

I can be painfully nostalgic at times. Now that my penultimate school year is drawing to a close, I can't escape the subtle ache at the months that have passed. But I think it's important to be sentimental, especially in your teenage years. That sentimentality preserves your most influential experiences in the form of journal entries and photographs. It causes you to store ticket stubs and birthday cards, so that in months or even years time you can trigger memories of a vivid and meaningful time, and feel everything all over again.

You'll cringe at your haircut, feel cold at the photo of you hugging a now stranger, and long for the days of living at home. But it will help you remember and understand how you came to get where you are.


Blouse - Vintage via Nordic Poetry
Jewellery - markets/gifts
Culottes - Uniqo

So do stop and smell the roses! (You don't have to take it as literally as I did).



  1. that pictures look so cute, you look lovely with all that flowers!
    I agree that there is not something bad to be romantic! Being sensitive in that way is nice if you don't idealise a lot the things or confuse reality with the dreams!

  2. Cute pictures and interesting thoughts...
    Courtney //

  3. love your writing and photos, so beautiful