The Whitney Biennial

The Whitney museum in downtown Manhattan opened it's biennial exhibition in mid-March. I spent a morning exploring during my recent escape to NYC, and the diverse collection did not disappoint. The museum of American art used the exhibition as a way to showcase and challenge the tumultuous times in which we are living. America is currently experiencing the consequences of a political curve ball which is magnifying deep social divisions as well as creating new ones. The aim of the exhibition was to amplify unheard voices and reflect on the complexities of today's America through art. It spanned a huge variety of mediums, including conventional oil painting, large installations, and film and photography. Each piece had a concept and a story, effectively provoking conversation - just as art should. A standout piece for me was Samara Golden's site-specific installation. A clever use of mirrors and a balcony created an infinite portrayal of contrasting worlds. There were four miniature rooms decorated in different ways to evoke a different tone. One felt clinical, like a poorly kept institution, another showed a space of luxury. I could have looked at it for hours despite it's slightly unsettling nature. Check out this feature by the Whitney to hear the artist describe it in more detail.

The exhibition is open until June 11. Bring a camera, a friend and an open mind. It's worth spending a day on.


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