4 Years of Blogging

Lexi Likes is now four years old. It’s hard to believe that I’m celebrating four years of blogging. I’ve taken this moment to reflect on how I started this blog and how it, and how I, have developed over those four years. 

Last year I marked the anniversary with a series of interviews with three of my internet pals on their blogging careersThis year I want to talk about choices.

When I decided to start this blog, it wasn't a 'do I' or 'don't I' question. It was more 'let's try this, it looks like fun'. At the time, the choice was easy.  It was an experiment. It transpires that the experiment was a fate-altering fork in the road.

Looking back, the choices at that time were fairly simple - what to write and what to photograph for the blog.  What to read, what to watch, what to wear. Do I catch the early bus to go to school?  What games choice do I make?  Yes, choices became more difficult – what subjects to study for GCSE and then A level.  But even with those, there wasn’t a wide range of choices.

Now, four years down the line, I'm making much bigger choices. I'm deciding what to study at university, where to study it and what I need to do to get there. It's a natural progression on the conveyor belt of life, but the consequences of these decisions are potentially much greater than those I've made before.  Life is more complex, more challenging.

I'm looking at a range of options. As it stands now, in a year's time I could be about to move to America, or a new city in the UK, or stay in London, or take a year out of study and embark on journey of travelling and working internationally. For the first time in my life, I don't know exactly what I'll be doing next year. That's terrifying and exciting in equal measure.

Others are doubtless going through this too.  And while I believe our generation will probably change careers and jobs and locations many times over the course of their lives – the world is changing rapidly and we will need to adapt and change with it – choices made now will potentially give us more (or fewer) options in the years ahead.  I want to embrace the challenges but recognise that there now is much more at stake.
This blog has, and will continue to be, a defining aspect of my life. It’s a collection of my thoughts and views. For four years I've shared my words and my ideas.This year, I’m approaching a junction which will perhaps define me for decades to come. Key choices need to be made. I can’t wait to see what happens next.



  1. Huge congrats on four years, that'a amazing! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. Congratulations on 4 years! There's something about having a blog on the internet that has the continuity in our life - even if we are not posting it is still there and that is part of the journey. University is such a big step so it's natural that you might not be quite certain; studying in America sounds dreamy though. What a level subjects do you take? x


    1. Thank you Eleanor! Yeah it's pretty wonderful to have a record of our teenage years online. I take English, Art, Maths and Physics x

  3. happy blogger birthday!
    Hope that the decision refering next years goes well, and any of the options you choose, makes you happy!

  4. ahh, congrats on turning 4!!! Keep it up, love your blog sm! xo

  5. i totally 100% relate! so many choices coming up its scary, but exciting. happy 4th bday lexi likes <3


  6. Congrats on 4 years!! I think it's so cool how our blogs kinda correlate and document the changes in our lives, big or small. It's a scary time of change but it'll be worth it xx

  7. congratulations!! exciting times ahead

    Tasha x