A 1920s Legend in 2017

In 1920, Greta Garbo, then Greta Gustafsson, was working in one of Stockholm's major department stores, called PUB, as a shop assistant. Her good looks led to modelling hats in the store's catalogue, and from there she took part in a commercial. She was then offered roles by directors, and ended up on a scholarship to study at the Royal Dramatic Theater School at 17. That working-class Stockholm shop assistant went on to become an Old Hollywood legend.

And so, I found myself in that very same building, also at age 17. No longer a department store but a hotel called the Haymarket by Scandic. With the same art deco flair, tributes and references to Greta laced throughout, the 1920s character felt very much alive. As an Old Hollywood enthusiast and overall vintage fan, staying in the Haymarket was the immersive and colourful experience I didn't know I needed.

The glamorous decor made me feel like I'd stepped into an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. I was ready to wave my hair and adorn myself with pearls to live out my very own Jazz Age narrative.

The hotel sits in Hotorget square opposite the Stockholm concert hall, also from the 1920s; the vintage pale blue complementing the warm pinks of the Haymarket's interiors.

The hotel seamlessly blended old and new, creating a vibrant and unique identity. Should you find yourself in need of a touch of Swedish vintage charm, spend a night in the Haymarket. 



  1. oh wow the decor of that bedroom is to die for...art deco is by far one of my favourite aesthetics. I would love to visit stockholm!!!

    1. I know the interiors were gorgeous! You should Katie, I'm sure you'd love it x

  2. these pictures are Amazing! feels like a real holiday dream


  3. You look so lovely girl! SO classy!

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  4. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels, so this hotel is right up my alley. The decor is beautiful and I imagine that the sense of history added to the experience. The pictures you took capture the hotel beautifully.


  5. wow looks like an amazing place and i love your photos!!

    Tasha x