Snow and Serenity

What better way to escape the West-London bubble filled with all-consuming A-level and university stress? Run away to the Swedish countryside, of course.

I've become increasingly fond of my December trips to Sweden to see my relatives. There's a unique serenity to the landscape that seems to refresh me every year. Sitting in a car, driving along the winding country roads and watching the coloured houses and forests go by - it's genuinely one of my favourite things in the world. Perhaps it's because daylight in Sweden at this time of year is so sparse - around 5 or 6 hours, if you're lucky. This makes being outside feel utterly precious. A mere ten minute walk in the snow, with no social media or real civilisation, gratitude for light - pure and simple serenity.


Coat - H&M (in Sweden)
Black bodysuit - Topshop
Jeans - Next
Boots - ??
Earrings - Turkey
Rings - various markets

Of course, that serenity would be hard to appreciate if you didn't dress for the below freezing temperatures. I picked up this beautiful (faux) fur coat in Stockholm and it turned out to be surprisingly practical. Not only does it feel very glam, but also very cosy. I'm also generally not a big jeans-wearer, but I can't deny the pleasing combination of classic colours with blue denim. 

I hope you're all enjoying your holidays. More stories from Sweden to come. 



  1. These pictures are so cute!! I love the coat. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. That coat is to die for!! I hope you had a fab Christmas!

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  3. Oh... This winter look is so cool! I like that you combined the jeans with the brown boots. Really, it looks very stylish. Thank you for the writing and posting here. All right then.