Made In Dagenham at Edinburgh Fringe - COME SEE OUR SHOW

To say I've had a busy Summer is an understatement. I had a week in France, flew home, flew to New York 12 hours after arriving in London. I flew home again, went to Oxford to see my brother graduate (congrats bro!), then a day later went to Lisbon with some friends. I arrived back in London a week later at 1am and the same morning I began rehearsals for the musical I'm currently performing in at Edinburgh Fringe festival. It's been hectic but amazing and I have many stories to share once the madness stops. During all of this I was anxiously waiting for my A-level results and for my next steps to become clear. I'm delighted to announce that after a really tough year I finally know where I'm going to uni and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. 

I'm now at Fringe performing and with two brilliant shows already under our belt, we are smashing it! Our show is Made in Dagenham the musical. Never heard of it? Here's an extract from our ticket site:

'Could there be a more relevant show for our society? A shocking 50 years after the workers’ strike at the Ford Dagenham plant, women are still fighting for equal pay and conditions. This uplifting musical version of the famous film tells the story of Rita O’Grady and her fellow workers who took on and beat their bosses. A funny and heart-warming show that makes an unassailable case for justice and human rights.'

I was last at Fringe two years ago watching my brother perform and it's been great to experience it from the other side. The city is buzzing, there are shows in practically every building ranging from stand-up to circuses. 

So come see Made in Dagenham! You can follow us on Instagram to keep up with the show and BUY TICKETS HERE!


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