Musing in Sweden

My annual trip to Sweden in December to see family has developed a charming familiarity. The routine is usually the same - a few days in Stockholm shopping, maybe a trip to Skansen to see the festive market and get in the Christmas mood, followed by a train trip to the country and a few days seeing my relatives. While often the appeal of travel is to try something new, I take great comfort in the routine. Sweden is a place I have strong sensory associations with. I think of the limited and precious daylight, the songs I play on the long drives across the open snowy landscape. I look forward to the meatballs and pickled herring for dinner. I'm even starting to pick up a bit of the language. The events don't change, neither does the time of year, but every year, of course, I am different. 


Jumper - Weekday
Trousers - Zara
Boots - not sure

The beauty of an annual trip is that you can juxtapose the shifts in your life - then versus now. Since Sweden is such a vivid place for me, it makes this reflection particularly vibrant. My experience of 2018 was intense, filled with highs and lows, change, adventure, surprises. I never would have predicted the place I was in when the year came to a close. Equally, I'm very content with where I ended up. 


Jumper - Uniqlo
Hat - brother's
Trousers - Brick Lane
Boots - Vagabonds via Office

I find Sweden a relaxing place too, one with a slow pace, a quiet quality. There is time for reflection, something I have not had much of in my chaotic but wonderful first term at university. I even spent a whole day at my grandma's in front of my laptop writing about everything I experienced over the preceeding weeks. It was immensely theraputic to reflect and preserve those memories. 

I am entering 2019 in a very good place. I am someone who thrives on change, and the shift from school to university has really suited me. It has opened up doors to people and experiences I would not have expected and I am truly excited about what is to come.

I wish you all the best for 2019.

Happy New Year. 



  1. I am so glad everything worked out for you, it’s safe to say we had some pretty stressful 2018’s in terms of university choices and possible gap year-ing but we made it! I can totally relate to the bit about annual holidays, even though the destination and routine is mostly the same I always go as a different and new person which I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of. Sweden looks stunning btw, I always love seeing your wintry photos from there.

    Dalal xx

  2. It must be so nice to travel there every year, Sweden is so beautiful! I miss the Northeast so much.
    P.s: I completely adore your brick colored trousers!!

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