Highlights of Hong Kong

I've been away for the last month or so, to Australia and to Hong Kong, with two of my favourite people. While there is much to reflect on and share, I want to begin with some highlights from the vibrant five days I spent in Hong Kong. 


Renowned for its view of the city, we took a tram up one night to the Peak to see the skyline. After a very lazy day, we were keen to really see Hong Kong. When we finally made it to the viewing deck, the stormy weather meant we could, unfortunately, see absolutely nothing; we were literally in a cloud. An hour or so at a restaurant in the accompanying mall and the skies had cleared, leaving us with a breathtaking cityscape with some lightning bolts to add to the magic.


While Hong Kong is probably associated more with its urban centre, a short and scenic taxi took us to the very different landscape of the coastline. It wasn't your Australian beach but it was beautiful, and definitely worth the trip. 


Known for the alleged '24 hour suit', we stopped off in Sam's tailor just out of curiousity, and left with two orders in for custom made outfits. The experience of having something made perfectly for you was pretty dazzling, from choosing the lining, the buttons and the cut to the final fittings, it was something I will never forget. 


One of my few memories from visiting Hong Kong as a child was the stunning and accesible views of the star ferry. As a commute, day or night, it never failed to impress. 


On a Wednesday night, huge crowds gather to place bets and drink beer at the Happy Valley races. While toursity, the atmosphere was great fun, and far from a standard night out.


For a bit of bargaining and some hilarious knock-offs, Ladies Market made for some highly entertaining shopping. The 'Superme' hoody and 'Tommy Jeas' bucket hat made it for me. 


The best chinese food we had was at Yum Cha. Not only delicious but highly photogenic.


On our last day, we made the mistake of ignoring the thunderstorm warning and heading to Ocean Park. A few hours later and we were stranded on the upper level of the theme park, only accessible via gondala or a train (which was closed), stuck in an intense storm. Everyone ran to shelter, the fire alarm went off, there was a lot of lightning and thunder. While much of the crowd seemed pancicked, we found it hilarious, especially considering we had to try and make it down the mountain to catch our flight home. We ended up waiting it out and by the time the weather had cleared we had to go. The only rides we went on were the gondala going up, and the train coming down. It still makes me laugh and probably was my favourite day of the trip. 


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