Lexi Likes -- Chiffon skirts: American apparel dupes

So I am sure you all have seen American apparel's gorgeous chiffon skirts that come in all different colours. They are beautiful and I love them but I have never indulged in buying one because at £40, they aren't cheap. I recently discovered a website called: http://missguided.co.uk/

They do some really trendy things very cheaply and I ordered a few things the other day. When I was looking, I saw that they had chiffon skirts almost exactly the same as the American Apparel's but for almost a quarter of the price! I ordered one in a cream colour and another in a pleated style, which AA don't do, in black.

The quality is great, they probably aren't quite as good as AA's but so far I am very pleased. They are perfect for Spring and Summer and have a very nice feel to them, not at all cheap. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and I think I will be buying some more of those skirts!

-Lexi xo

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