Lexi Likes -- Film cameras

I was watching some old YouTube videos by Elle Fowler (allthatglitters21) and I found her video about lomography cameras. Curious Lexi decided to browse the Internet for a while looking at film cameras and I decided I wanted the Diana mini. My lovely gorgeous friend Pascale bought it for me for my birthday and I am so excited to use it. My reasons for getting the mini were as follows: 

-It uses 35mm film which is easier to find than the film normal Dianas use.
-It is more compact and easier to carry around.
-It was a lot cheaper than the other film cameras I was researching.

I can't wait to try it out and let you all know about how I get on.  Expect many more posts about film cameras! I took this sneaky shot with my digital camera and I thought it was great because it captured a little peice of my life. My cat, my Diana mini and my friend Rosa in the back.

-Lexi xo

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