Sweden haul

Bonjour Lexingtons!

Recently I was in Sweden for a few days and I did a small amount of shopping. I thought I would show you what I bought because Sweden has amazing design. I will be doing a Lexi's travel's about my trip but I'm a bit behind at the moment on my travel posts and I still need to do my New York one. Anyway here are all of the things I bought and apologies for bad lighting/picture quality because I took this picture about fifteen minutes ago and it's pretty late at night here.

1. Tartan/check shift dress
I have to admit this dress looks really ugly when it's not on and not styled correctly but I have big plans for this gem. I'm doing a punk fashion look book post for A/W 2013 soon and I am planning on wearing this with a leather jacket and some big black boots. Be prepared.

2. Geometric mesh and blue bodycon dress
I love the colour of this dress and the white mesh cut outs. Bodycon dresses are probably my favourite because I'm curvy and they are the most flattering. The sweet heart neckline is pretty too.

3. Electric candle tea lights
You can't really see these in the picture but I think they are so cool. I cannot manage a real candle for the life of me and I saw these in a really old MacBarbie07 video. I thought they were so cool because they look like tea light candles from a distance but they are actually electric lights which flicker to look like candles. I know this is a bit weird but I got so inspired when I saw them and I think they would look really pretty on a glass tray or something in my bedroom.

4. Turquoise high waisted denim shorts
These shorts are fairly tight on but they are so comfy and I love the colour. Simple, but I bought them for the equivalent of around £5 so bargain!

5. Yellow coin/card purse
I just fell in love with this little purse when I saw it and I thought it would be perfect for keeping change in. It is a beautiful yellow colour and it also has a little card slot in the front.

Those were all of my goodies from Sweden! 

-Lexi xo

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