So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose

Title from Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

Today I went shopping - yet again - and wore this tartan dress I bought in Sweden with my brother's old school jumper. It was really Sunny too, so I could wear my Swirly glasses which I talked about in this post. I always feel so sophisticated when I wear big sunglasses with little heeled boots. I bought some lovely clothes for some events coming up and a couple of other things too. My favourite item was a grey dress with a midi tulle skirt from topshop. I will definitely feature it in a post soon. In the meantime, I'm getting excited for Christmas far too early and watching all of the Shaytards' Christmas specials and trying to track down my own family's old videos. I just feel like November is going to pass so quickly and the months leading up to Christmas are always good fun. I probably enjoy them more than Christmas itself. 

Dress - Sweden
Jumper - Brother's
Glasses - France
Boots - H&M
Bag - No idea

-Lexi xo


  1. I love these boots, and I'm in love with your tartan dress! I'm the same, big sunglasses make me feel so classy and mysterious aha! Gosh I'm so excited for Christmas too - I've already bought a few presents and I can't wait to get the Christmas music out, much to the delight *disappointment* of my parents! I'm not even religious, but it feels so special and different to the rest of the year... asdfghjkl I just can't wait

    Mattie xxxx

    1. I know, you feel so grown up with sunglasses on haha even if you pull out a DS like I did. Same, I'm not majorly religious I just love the happiness that Christmas brings out everywhere!

      -Lexi xo