Living in a curiosity shop

In Sweden I stayed with my Grandma who I now pronounce Queen hoarder. In her house, there is not an inch of bare wall and everything has something on it, beside it or hanging on the end of it. I thought it would be interesting to ask her some questions about her house, design inspiration and even being 'indie' and the problems teenagers face today. 

How old is your house?

100 years old. It was built in 1897.

Would you call yourself a hoarder?

No not really, I don't live on my own do I? 

What about a collector then?

No not really, I shall say I'm an inheritor.

Why do you keep everything and display it all?
As I said I don't live on my own, I have a husband and a lot of these things are his.

So do you think it's important to keep it all from different families for memories?
It's important for him. I wish you had seen my old flat in Stockholm, it wasn't at all like this. It was very elegant and not so cluttered.

Where do you find inspiration for your home decor?

Well it's very 'in' in Sweden, it's the thing to do, in the country really. In magazines, all the magazines I buy really talk about or write about people going to car boot sales and buying old things. 

What do you think the oldest thing in the house is?

Probably the copper pots are very old. Also some glass things which aren't displayed are very old.

Would you say everything here has a story or means something to you?

Well, yeah but I've had many homes. Some had typical Swedish style but when I came here I didn't want to have Ikea. 

What made you transition into this style then?

I wanted to be different, I've always wanted to be different. When I'm here I want to be more English. I don't think we have anything from Ikea here.

What about fashion, what are your favourite styles?

Classical stuff. I don't wear frill frills *makes gestures* I look like a great big doll. No I like classic fashion and also here I tend to wear twin sets and tweed. I don't like bling bling *more gestures* and I never wear anything in my ears.

Do you lean towards a certain colour pallet in the house?

I am very fond of blue. I would never have anything orange and I would never have anything grey. 

Do you have a lot of things from travelling?

Yes, yes. It's like this Alexis, I like to be different. When we bought those *points to giraffe* in Africa no one had one. But then you could buy them in markets here and I thought 'I don't want that anymore, put it away'. I think it's important to be individual.

Are you familiar with the term 'indie'? It's a thing used in England among teenagers and it means being individual.

Oh yes I know what you mean. Being different and having individuality. Well of course that's important for teenagers. But on the other hand it's important to be accepted by the group. Let's say you like sports and all your friends walk around in trainers, or you're a fashion girl then you will dress differently. Are you an individual then? Not really because you are the same as the group. 

What do you think the greatest problem facing the teenage generation today?

I don't think it matters if you look the same as your friends as long as you are happy. For some it's difficult to know exactly where they belong. Let's say someone loves certain pop music and they want to be like their idols then that's okay. But then in a few years you might think that's not me at all.

So there you go. Wise words of wisdom from my nutty Grandma. Thank you Inga for letting me put photos of your stuff on the internet.

-Lexi xo


  1. This was such an interesting post ! I love the title too and I think it described the house perfectly. I could walk round there all day and still not see everything. It's a nice house. But imagine the cleaning !
    Eb x

    1. Thank you! I know my Mum attempted such but with all the dust it was pointless!

  2. Your grandma seems awesome, and her house is so lovely!

  3. Your granfma is soo cool, deep and wise! She also has great home. Brilliant interview! ♥

  4. Your gran is lovely and the house is amazing. I'm obsessed with how she hung the pots

  5. your grandma seems so cool and I love her house! ahh is your name actually alexis? xxx

    1. Thanks Mattie! Yeah that's my full name haha but everyone calls me Lexi xo

  6. This is so cool, also your grandma is super duper cool :).


  7. Your grandma seems amazing! Just found your blog, and it's great!

    Oh, and I have copper pots too, just like that(except not all.)

  8. Love the house, it seems that your grandma is so cool :)