Pure London Fashion trade show - Spirit catwalk (Part 3)

For the final part of my Pure show posts, I'm going to talk about my favourite looks from the Spirit catwalk. This one was divided into segments with different brands exhibiting at the show and therefore the clothes were aimed to be more wearable. I really love all of the outfits below and they all include some of my favourite trends right now. 

I saw lots of two piece sets over the day and have made it my mission to track down this gorgeous yellow one.

Love the flamingo print of the kimono here!

This look was absolutely stunning, and gives off the perfect hard-meets-feminine vibe.

Two tone boots are fab.

I am desperate for a pair of holographic shoes so I had to show you this outfit. I also love the clear jacket.

More holographic + clear jackets.

This dress has a very '60s print and it is SO cool.

Rad vinyl skirt and MORE holographic shoes. 

Lastly, here is a wonderful bracelet I was given in the Pure goodie bag from Cleric. I've never seen anything like it, it's so bright and eyecatching! I'm not usually a fan of neon but I really love this!

Which outfit was your favourite and which trends are you loving right now?

-Lexi xo


  1. Oh my god, everything is so gorgeous! I love the second, fourth, fifth and the second last one with the holographic sandals and vinyl skirt. Why can't these things be in my closet?

    Glitter Daiquiri

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